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If at First You Don't Succeed · 3:02pm Dec 7th, 2020

. . . try, try again.

Some of you following me might remember my first published story on this site, The Blue Rose, which was an epic poëm. I, in my infinite wisdom (read: adolescent naïvety), considered it my masterpiece, that nothing I could write since would top it.

Of course, the fact that I have to mention it now, four years and a half after completing it, speaks volumes about such expectations.

But who's to say I have to quit? To give up and not touch poëtry again? Nay, I say! Instead, starting from last June, and finishing only relatively recently, I've completed another epic poëm -- its spiritual successor, if you will. If you didn't like The Blue Rose, consider this the make-up. If you did like The Blue Rose, then this one blows it out of the water, all in length, depth, and quality. It even has an actual meter -- shocking, I know.

If you're not quite convinced, allow me to tide you over with the first seven verses:

In days of old, when still remain'd the two,
Celestia pull'd her golden sun from blue,
Then Luna hurl'd her moon into the sky --
And thus begun the cyclic night anew.

As 'twas each eve, the ponies did comply
With this heavenly curfew, said goodbye
To daylight, as they shutter'd in their home
(Well, save for those who thought themselv's so sly).

The solar sister lookt, and saw them roam
And scurry out of sight of lunar chrome.
"See they such light as omen ill?" she askt
Aloud. "'Tis but a motion of the dome."

Yet Luna paid no mind, but simply baskt
In glory hers, her true delight unmaskt
For all the world to see. She said, "Forsooth,
Despite these petty fears, I am yet taskt

With taking over for your court of truth,
For anyone who dares to see my couth."
She sigh'd, and stood. "How bored I often get.
O how I wish we still were in our youth,

To frolick in some verdant field sans fret,
Or maybe hike through Everfree, I'll bet.
Equestria's rulers ought to get a lull --
But for our powers so great, such is our debt.

For ev'ry night's the same, such drear so dull,
With all my thoughts it leav's me time to mull.
How I desire for one to come and talk
And interrupt the speech inside my skull."

When will you get to see the rest? If your name's Shinzakura, you should be wading your way through a final prereading pass right now (no pressure); otherwise, it'll be out come this Winter Solstice, two Mondays from now -- in honor of Luna, the central character.

And now, the mare of the hour. Source

Just like its predecessor, it'll have periodic updates -- but regularly this time, every week, since it's essentially complete right now. (A quick shoutout to Starscribe for lending me his chapter-publishing bot -- you have no idea how helpful it was for When Star Comes Out to Play.)

Will this succeed where The Blue Rose failed? Or will it fall flat upon its face as well? Only time will tell.

Good night, and good luck.

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