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    I'm already dying at this point. There isn't a rope to grab onto anymore. The small hole to hope is closing me in. Just out of reach of my few fingers surviving this scalding treatment of love.

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Another one of those posts.... · 10:25pm Dec 6th, 2020

Yoooo! Sadly, I have things to complain about.

Damn, are people just not great on here.

I, for some reason, keep going back to a user, thinking they will really change. And honestly, there isn't much progress. I've been trying to change my ways as well to be a better person, yes. And it took a couple months, yes. But this user claimed they wanted to change many months ago. I honestly think they haven't changed in the slightest. I asked them a simple question but they didn't like it so they blocked me with a

"...and I don't ever want to talk to you again."

Damn. It hurt and I was in a bit of disbelief. I don't know what to do anymore. ^^'

Maybe it was me? My tone? Something.

But I don't even feel like being here much longer. Not sure why. Maybe just the familiar aura of negativity this site brings. I don't really care.

But let's talk about something positive!

I am open to writing something like a description for others if they need something. Though I tend to write more clearly when it is something positive.

Anyway, I do not have Google Docs, unfortunately. Though I can write in PM/DMs.

If anyone needs a description, like a paragraph just picturing something, PM me and maybe I'll finally get to help someone! :pinkiehappy:

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Comments ( 24 )

Well, that's good. Sorry to hear about the friend though

Oui.... Though it's nothing to be sorry about, right? *hugs*

Ehehe I shall keep you in mind good sir :twilightsmile:

It still saddens me how some people act...sorry about your friend

Merci, monsieur. Lol

Very disappointing, yes. *shrugs*

I don’t know what to say on that part

But eventually they’ll come around and if they don’t it’s probably for the best to stay away before things get too serious.

Also nice idea for the positive part.

Thanks! I'm usually very limited on how I write because I don't have or have access to Google Docs. So maybe if I had a prompt or something to actually write about, then I'll finally get my creative juices flowing. And it's like the little dessert when it's written for someone. It feels good to give.

You know it reminds me of this specific quote:

If you help someone, you help *everyone*

I'm sorry to hear that... :fluttershysad:

Hey hey hey it's fiiiiine. Someone was just being petty, I guess.

I like the profile picture

MutterButter drew it for me.

the person who did that to you is a bitch. don't let them change who you are.

Wow. Alright....

This person has blocked me multiple times already, so I'm used to it. Though.... One day(months ago), they told me they wanted me to help them change.

And I've been blocked many times. From a misunderstanding to my own behavior. It sucks because I don't know how people don't feel bad about blocking people. It hurts for me so that's while I never even consider blocking....


I may be late to this, but dude(or dudette, I can't tell quite yet), don't beat yourself up over it.

It's just a person being moody and rude, you did nothing wrong.

I asked them a simple question but they didn't like it so they blocked me with a

"...and I don't ever want to talk to you again."

Hypocrites........This bloody ether just never changes, does it?:facehoof:

I know like bruh. Lol

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