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Happy news! (And a little bit of 'meh' news!) · 11:11am Dec 4th, 2020

I'm pregnant! I'm 20 weeks along. Looking at an April arrival!

This will be my second child. I find myself thinking fondly of Pinkie Pie in the series finale. Motherhood really is magic.

Oh but enough about that... Ya'll want writing updates, right?

Okay, well lemme just peddle my pony Twitter again: Pegaskeletus

I post more frequent writing updates there, and the most recent and important updates I pin to the top of my profile. The new fact is that my account is no longer 18+, so if you didn't follow me in the past due to the horny stuff I liked and retweeted, you should know it is now SFW. THOUGH I guess I should add that I'm not afraid to voice my liberal views, so if that offends you... y'know. Kindly move along.

PaulAsaran wrote a great review for hearts, deep in their hiding places,! It's part of a review collection. Check out the post, and maybe check out the story if you haven't already? There's also some other great recommendations there!

Now, as for writing, I know that updates have dried up. First, you should know that the first three months of my pregnancy were a little rough. There was a lot of nausea and unexpected onset of hip pain. Second, my job increased overtime. We were already working extra hours over the summer, but the upper management decided that wasn't enough. So now we're working 56 hour weeks.

Guys, I dunno if you've ever had kids or been around people who were expecting kids, but working these kinda hours whilst expecting sucks. My weekends, which used to feel extravagantly long, now feel woefully insufficient. I spend every... waking... second with my family. My husband misses me so much he flips his sleep schedule on the weekends just to squeeze out extra time with me. If you guys don't remember, I work nights. My bed time is literally 6:30am. Hubby has been staying up almost till that time!

This matters a lot because historically those wee hours were the time I used to write and just do "me" time. Now if I do get any time to myself, it's pretty much always just to chill and veg out because I'm so tired that the thought of sitting up at the computer desk and banging out pages just sounds too daunting. And believe me, I've tried. Under those circumstances, I usually just trash whatever I come up with.

Basically, my ass is tired all the time and that makes it hard to keep up a good writing schedule. Even my workout routine, which I was really enjoying and sticking to pretty well, ended up suffering because of the extra time at work. All work on my next original novel has also halted.

Now that isn't to say I haven't managed anything!

I'm currently three pages in for a new chapter for What They Expect to Give. I'm also three pages in for a new chapter of What They Hope to Find. A new chapter for Eerie Lantern is started, though admittedly it hasn't gone far. I was really, really disappointed I couldn't get something out for it by Halloween. Sorry!

EDIT: Crap, I forgot to mention that I've posted newly edited drafts for What They Expect to Give! Not new chapters, new drafts. Specifically for the prologue through chapter four. I think the beginning of the story reads a lot better now! I've been working with The Fan Without a Face, and so far we've got up to chapter nine edited. I've only posted to chapter four because the rest hasn't been finalized yet. When I do, expect to see the new and improved chapters posted! They'll be clearly marked.

HCHL is... uh... okay I haven't got anything for that yet. It's been low priority for a while, I know, so I can't even really blame the overtime or the pregnancy exhaustion. It just really has to be something I'm in the mood for! Those kinky scenes take a lot of effort, don'cha know...

I'd been hoping to use the Thanksgiving holiday to do some writing... and I did! But not nearly as much as I'd hoped. Actually, I got really sick with some kind of upper respiratory infection. I went and got tested for COVID, and thankfully it came back negative. I've been resting at home, trying to recover. Dizziness, fatigue, and headaches have kept me from sitting at the computer much.

I'm feeling a bit better! It's been over a week with this stupid bug and it still hasn't gone completely though. I'm hoping to be better by my birthday. That's Monday, December 7th btw! :3 I'm turning 32. I'm old, I know. Yeah, yeah, yeah... fuck you too, kids.

On an unrelated note, Cyberpunk 2077 comes out next week!! AAaaAAaaaAAaAaaaAAAaaaAAHHHH!!!

Right. I don't know how to end this blog properly. Just stay safe, wear a mask, and be kind to one another. How about that? <3<3<3

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Comments ( 15 )

...Sorry it sucks right now, though.


Thank you!! And no worries, I'm managing the suckiness. I forgot to mention in the blog, but I have some vacation lined up for Christmas that I'm hoping to take advantage of!

Thanks so much! <3

Congrats! There's no need to apologize for no updates, you clearly have a lot on your plate.

Thank you very much, and I appreciate your understanding!


Thank youuuu!!

Congratulations Nines!

Thanks a ton! <3

I will wear a safe and stay mask!
Hmm, something is wrong here.


LOL, thank you very much!

Hey 👋 I said this on twitter already but CONGRATSSSS! :pinkiehappy: <3 Second, I hope you're doing well, especially when you said you're doing increased overtime and you had that respiratory infection, thanking God right now that it wasn't COVID. 🙏 Anyway, do what you need to do and spend time with your fam.
I can't wait for some more your drafts for WTEtG and also some new chapters on your other stories. I'll be dropping a 'happy birthday' on Twitter but for now, happy early birthday! (I would've wrote this yesterday but I didn't know what to say lol :twilightsheepish:) Stay safe & wear a mask!

Thank you so much! You're truly awesome. ❤

Stay safe also!

Hope all is well for you, friend! :pinkiehappy::heart:


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