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Hearth's Warming Eve Stories by Fluttercheer · 12:27am Dec 2nd, 2020

Something I love is to do certain things at the same time each year. Little yearly traditions, like rewatching the first two episodes of MLP: FiM that I saw after I moved out from my mother's apartment and after I had settled into my own living space, put up all my furniture and unpacked all my belongings. This includes writing a story for the holidays each year. Not necessarily for all holidays (that would be cool, but I don't think I am organized enough to pull that off, not to mention that finding an idea each year is not granted), but for the two holidays that are the most important to me:

Nightmare Night and Hearth's Warming Eve

I began writing yearly stories for these holidays in 2016, with my first horror story that I released in time for Nightmare Night. This happened with varying success; I wrote one story for Nightmare Night in 2016, one in 2018 and one this year, but not in 2017 (because of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Movie that kept me busy at that time) and not last year (because the end of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was on my mind and made me immeasurably sad), and I wrote one story for Hearth's Warming Eve in 2016, one in 2018 and one last year, but not in 2017 (because I was burdened by very annoying and unwanted moving preparations).
So I didn't manage to successfully stick to these pony holiday story traditions each year. But, regardless, now that the Hearth's Warming Season of 2020 is here, I can look back at three Hearth's Warming Eve stories that I have written during my history of being a ponyfic writer. And with that, I have officially enough Hearth's Warming Eve stories to group them together in a blog entry and to present them to my readers on December 1st, so they can pick one (or all) of the stories from previous years.
A new story set during the Hearth's Warming Season for this year will also come but, if you already want to get comfy with a few festive holiday pony stories, here is my offering from the previous years:

The Little Match-Filly

It was the evening of Hearth's Warming. Stallions hurried home from work to celebrate with their families, mothers were busy buying last-minute gifts for their daughters and sons and little foals were sitting in front of the chimney, waiting for presents and a festive dinner.
As the sun begins to set and it grows darker and darker on the streets, only few ponies remained outside.
One of these ponies was a little filly. Even though it was cold and even though nopony stopped for her, she abided the frost and the darkness.
For all she wanted was to sell her matches. This is the story of.....

The Little Match-Filly

A ponification of H.C. Andersen's work "The Little Match-Girl", staying true to the original story's style and spelling, with a few expansions and additions and a slightly altered ending to present it in a new light.

Dear Babs Seed, will ya come back for the holidays?

It's almost Hearth's Warming Eve. Apple Bloom misses her favourite cousin.

A short, somber story for the holidays, dedicated to Babs Seed. Missing, but never forgotten.

Cover art by Anonsbelle.

Pinkie Pie's Hearth's Warming Vacation

Hearth's Warming Eve has come to Sweet Apple Acres again. The favourite time of the Apple Family, because of its festive cheer, plenty of good food, gifts and, of course, their beloved holiday traditions.
Pinkie Pie loves Hearth's Warming Eve, too. And this year, she is determined to make it extra special and memorable.
For the first time ever since Applejack and Pinkie found out that they are cousins, the Pie Family is visiting Sweet Apple Acres on Hearth's Warming Eve! It is a momentous occasion in the history of their lineages and momentous occasions require precise planning and a flawless execution.
That's what Pinkie Pie thinks, anyway. As far as she is concerned, the first shared Hearth's Warming Eve of the Apple Family and the Pie Family on Sweet Apple Acres has to go down perfectly.
And no amount of holiday madness, family drama or unexpected guests will stop her from making this the best hearth's warming holiday both families ever had!

A wacky holiday story inspired by "Best Gift Ever" and "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation".

Stay easy as a filly!

~ Fluttercheer

Comments ( 2 )

All great stories by you

Whoa. I myself can only wish I hewed to such yearly traditions, but the last time I managed to write a Hearth's Warming fic for Christmas was... way back in 2017. It's nowhere near as impressive and committed as this. I think I'm just too chaotic to keep to a consistent long-term tradition.

Which is a shame, because I'd really like to. It'd be a creativity challenge, and kind of a neat test to pass for a budding professional who can keep to a regular rhythm.

Might see if I can get a Hearth's Warming fic out this year. Might. I'm not taking part in Jinglemas - I figure I'd be too picky for that - but I like the idea of creating and "giving" something special for the holiday. Just have to see how the dice roll, I guess. :applejackunsure:

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