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  • Friday
    A perfect description of Twitter

    From a Reddit user, they said, "Twitter is the world’s digital public restroom. There’s funny stuff written on the walls, but it smells like shit and is bad for your health."

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  • Friday
    Absolutely disrespectful, Nickelodeon

    SpongeBob NFTs will result in the opposite of what Stephen Hillenburg wanted. Instead of spreading awareness about marine biology, this will contribute to climate change.

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  • Monday
    The hypocrisy of Disney in a nutshell

    Disney: We cancelled The Owl House because one of our executives think it doesn't fit our brand.

    Also Disney: Shows a scene in Amphibia where Marcy Wu gets impaled in her chest by King Andrias with his laser sword

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  • Monday
    A sad cutaway gag

    Even the smallest things can ruin someone's life. Those wolves had it coming.

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  • Sunday
    Friendship Is Magic is 11 years old

    Can't believe it's been that long. This show holds a special place in the hearts of every brony. Despite being a fan during the airing of the final season, I'm forever grateful that I have made friends here.

    Happy 11th anniversary, MLP: FIM! :heart: Love and brohoof to you all!

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Operation: F.L.A.V.O.R. · 2:06pm Nov 30th, 2020

Do you remember a particular episode of Codename: Kids Next Door? What do you think is the 4th ice cream flavour?

Comments ( 3 )

I've always imagined that it tasted somewhat like honey

Most people thought it was butterscotch.

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