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So uh · 11:12pm Nov 26th, 2020

Thanksgiving. My aunt yelled at me. She’s still mad (I think). And she yelled because I couldn’t find a shirt. A fucking shirt. Ugh. I cried. Bruh. Like, sorry I can’t reach your 'Golden Standards' or whatever.

Also, sorry about not answering my PMs. My phone’s off, and Thanksgiving crap, which I don’t feel like celebrating due to Ma and Pa not being here. Can I get an F in the comments? That’s all I really want right now. I won’t respond soon because my phone’s almost dead, so uh... vent.

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It's okay Hero, I understand. And yeah, F your aunt

Well fuck your aunt then. Damn Karen.

Your aunt must be a serious perfectionist. Dumb bitch.

Sheesh, all that shit over a shirt?

Karen needs to get her crap together...


jesus christ.


Okay, so while I’m here, I should probably mention that she isn’t a complete Karen. I mean, she might be, but she does care about us (me and my niece). It’s just...

She gets mad, and sometimes over the stupidest things, i.e. the shirt, which I literally just replaced with a Venom shirt.

Well, at least she cares somewhat. But it sounds like she does get worked up about the littlest things...

Ha-ha! Now that's my kind of holiday. Happy Thanksgiving and all that.

Side note: I had a double take when I saw “Venom” shirt.


Ah yes, I love the completely unnecessary, yet quite funny family drama that randomly happens on the holidays

it happens, man.

Honestly, my mom is somewhat similar. But only on big events.

When I was really tiny we had a really fun picnic out by the river, the only holiday I remember having with my family. So we been prepping stuff for this for the whole week, I had to sit though a lot of shopping, you know what I am talking about. So we finally get into the car, I got my sister on the back seat with me and my parents in the front. So we are driving over to the river, nothing out of ordinary yet, we get all our stuff out of the car and we set up. And now things start to get lucky, first off, we already have some people camping at out spot, which ain't very cool on its own, but the best part is that the people who are camping there are the people my parents somehow knew so we end up sitting all together in one spot. And these people didn't just bring their kids out, oh hell no. They brought their whole family.

So here's the picture, me sitting on some towel I found lying on the sand, playing with my mother's phone, something like 5 others kids running around me, everyone else is getting drunk and no longer pays me any attention. I naturally get bored really fast. So I get up and start exploring around. Besides almost getting into a fight with someone's kid I also saw a duck family, noice. So the day goes by and it's time to get back home. We start packing up and even get back to the road, and then my dad decides to use a toilet in some local cafe, or something, I don't remember what exactly it was. So my dad comes back and rubs his shoulder with some crew that also was coming out, and they say something nasty to him over it. That's where things get really fun, because it wouldn't be my dad if he just left it at that. So before this guy knows it, he ends up on the ground with his nose punched into his skull, blood running down his face. My mother instantly starts crying because she thinks that dad's going to get arrested. My dad and those other people kept talking for another 10 minutes before our friends from before catch up and get them apart. And then we finally went home. We never went on a picnic again.

You really can't really have good things with family like mine.

Damn... My dad was very reasonable untill you finally manage to piss him off... pinned his boss to the wall and lifted him off the ground one day. Said something about being in the hospital for a long time. I dont remember what it was about exactly, but im pretty sure I was the root cause. Funny part was they were friends and the boss knew he caused it so he didn't get fired. Very lucky...

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