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We Bare Bears: The Truth Or Never Again Chapter 1 Meeting Kale Again · 1:10am Nov 26th, 2020

Story Description: The bears along with Lucy and Kale are going on a camping trip with Ranger Tabes and the Poppy Rangers. During the whole trip, Panda desperately wants to express his feelings towards Lucy after moving on but he refuses to cause any trouble in front of her boyfriend Kale. However his stress becomes more complicated the more he bottle up himself.

The Bears head inside their Bear cave after hanging out with Chloe at the mall. They spent most of their time finding an old science fiction movie that’s extremely rare in San Francisco media stores. But after searching for nearly an hour, Ice Bear found the last copy before it sold out. Ice Bear opened the door with Grizz and Panda following from behind.

“Ice Bear feels exhausted.” Ice Bear spoke.

“Ice Bear, It may be a rare movie, but we could've told Chloe to find the movie on demand.” Grizz sitting on the couch.

“You do realize that the newest movies that are digitally released, trying to find hard copies of older movies, are becoming much harder to find, right?” Panda added.

“We never had that in our streaming service.”

“But people like Chloe’s family do.”

As the two bears look at Ice Bear heading to the kitchen preparing to get a drink of water from the faucet, Ice Bear felt proud of not letting Chloe down, not even a bit. As if he’s not trying to be one hundred percent nice, as long as he’s being a good friend to her, he’s happy.

“Grizz, how many friends have we made?” Panda wondered.

“I don’t really know.” Grizz responded.

“Take a guess.”

Grizz thought about Panda’s question and blurted it out. “Seven?”

“I think it was more than that, But I really don’t know either.” Panda replied. Ice Bear heads back in the living room with a glass cup of water in his hand. “Ice Bear, how many friends have we made?”

“Ice Bear doesn’t know.” He answered.

“Why do you wanna know Panda?” Grizz wondered.

“Because lately, we’ve been helping them with their goals like Darrell’s wedding, Charlie and the snakes, and now helping Chloe just before the final copy of the movie before it sold out everywhere. It’s like the more friends we get, the more company we get.”

This caused Grizz to get off the couch. “That’s a good thing guys! That means we’re fitting in.” He smiled. “It’s only a matter of time to do the impossible.”

“Uhh, no, we’re not going to risk the chance of causing trouble.”

“Ice Bear agrees to stay out of certain situations.” Ice Bear said, taking a sip of his water.

Grizz felt disappointed from the disapproval from his brothers. “I’m just trying to make all of our lives a little bit better.”

“Our lives are just as normal like everyone we’ve known.” Panda smiled. “It’s quite enough for us.”

“I guess that is true, it’s not like whenever we’re needed, we should always improve ourselves.”

“We’re fine with who we are. Let’s just call it a night so we can watch a movie together.” Panda gave the tv remote to Grizz as he headed to the kitchen for a snack.

Just when he came back with an apple in his hand, there was a knock at the front door. Panda immediately opened it with Ice Bear and Grizz right behind him.

“Kale??” Grizz and Panda responded with Ice Bear taking notice.

“Hey bears, can I come in?” He responded while the bears invited him in.

“Aren’t you supposed to be with Lucy?” Grizz asked.

“She’s working right now, I’m already done with work for the day.”

Kale took a seat on the couch while the Bears are still confused. “Did Lucy tell you where we live?” Panda asked.

“Yes she did.” Kale smiled. “And I got to say, this home feels good for bear dudes like you.

As the bears felt pleased from Kale’s complement, they still wondered why he’s here. “Thanks but, is there anything you need from us?” Grizz asked.

“Well, next week Lucy is taking a day off from work and I think we should do something we haven’t done yet since I’ve became her boyfriend.”

The bears look at each other upon hearing his suggestion for a date, in regards to his relationship with Lucy. It’s one thing to help someone they spent less time with, but Kale wasn’t one of their friends until they met him in the limo.

“Kale, it’s not that we have plans next week, it’s just we’re not fairly good friends with you as of yet.” Panda said which confuses Kale. “Not that we don’t like you, it’s just we spend most of our time hanging out with Chloe or helping out with what our friends need.”

This made Kale mostly understand what Panda expressed. “So, you don’t want to help me?”

“No no, we’ve been thinking about hanging out with you eventually, but when the time felt right.” Grizz said, being completely honest.

“Ice Bear always remembers everyone.” Ice Bear added, with a smile on the inside.

“Yeah, I mean think about it Kale.” Panda sitting next to Kale. “Before you met Lucy, we helped her with her deliveries during Fruit Friday. What activity were you thinking of doing to impress Lucy?”

“Well instead of going to a different city out of San Francisco, we should go in the wilderness for a change.”

“You mean, like in a forest?” Grizz asked.


Panda came up with a solution for Kale, regarding next week. He, along with his brothers know full well that most of their friends haven’t met each other yet. “How about this? We’ll talk to Ranger Tabes so we can go on a camping trip for the whole day?”

“That could work.” Kale responded. “I’ve hiked in the woods from time to time.”

“Yeah, Tabes and Lucy haven’t met yet and the Poppy Rangers might come along.” Panda added while giving Grizz his phone.

“I’ll call them right now.” Grizz dialing the phone number. “Trust us Kale, you won’t regret it.”

With Grizz making a phone call to Ranger Tabes, Panda continues to eat his apple. Once he finishes, he heads back to the kitchen to throw the core away.

“Really!? You're willing to have Lucy’s brother Clifford to be a Poppy Ranger?” Grizz smiled.

“Yes! He can make friends with the other rangers!” Ranger Tabes cheered from the phone. “I’ll have everything taken care of by next week. Don’t be late!” Tabes ends the call while Grizz gives Kale the good news.

“We’re going into the wilderness next week!” He raised both of his hands up in the air.

“Ice Bear wants Chloe to come.” Ice Bear grabbing the phone from Grizz.

“Geez, you already made plans before me.” Kale getting off the couch. “I’ll text Lucy about what we’re going to do next week. See you dudes next week.”

“Same to you Kale.” Grizz gives a fist bump to Kale just before he heads out the door. Upon leaving the cave, Panda saw Kale making his way to his car. It’s been four months since he learned about the truth and it took time for him to get over the girl of his dreams. Life hasn’t been the same with him. but he’s since learned to move on with his life.

Just when Kale leaves, Grizz and Ice Bear arrive inside of the kitchen. “So Panda, you think about bringing someone to come along for our camping trip?” Grizz asked.

“I really don’t know.” Panda responded. “Darrell is taking care of his new life with Sofia and we can’t have Charlie out in the open.” He took a seat by the kitchen table as Ice Bear gave him his phone back.

“Well I’m sure Nom Nom won’t spend a single day alone in the wilderness, since he’s quite famous.” Grizz replied.

“He’s only your friend, not mine and Ice Bear’s friend.”

“I still found him, unredeemable.” Ice Bear commented.

“And as much as I want Tom to come, he has his own plans every time he texts back to me. So it’s just us, Lucy, Kale, Tabes, Chloe, and the Poppy Rangers next week.”

“Well I got some good news, Lucy is bringing Clifford along, so you got something to occupy during the trip.” Grizz smiled.

Panda didn’t know what to expect for next week. Nearly all of his friends are coming along for just one day on a camping trip in the wilderness. However it will be the first time he’ll meet Lucy again after what happened in the limo. He’s regretful for how he acted, but at the same time, he realized that he never talked to Lucy about his feelings towards her. Unfortunately, it’s now too late for him to do that.

“Guys, did you remember that...I had a crush...on...Lucy?” Panda responded.

“Yes we know what you mean, but you still don’t have a chance.” Grizz sitting by Panda. “We’re just trying to support you by not hurting you. Lucy spends most of her time making deliveries and Kale knows how much her job means to her.”

This causes Panda to look down in shame. “I know, unlike you two, I’ve done the least deliveries and everytime I fall behind, I get help from her or both of you. It makes me realize I’m not capable of having a girlfriend.”

Both Grizz and Ice Bear looked at each other upon listening to Panda’s confession. They know full well Panda hasn’t been looking after girls since he moved on from Lucy and it shows.

“Do you want...to have a girlfriend?” Grizz wondered.

“It’s not that I don’t want one anymore, it’s just the more I learned, the less I feel…I feel.”

“In love?” Ice Bear guessed, which caused Panda to embarrassedly blush.

“Yes. Have you ever fallen in love before, while dealing with the fact that the girl you love is in a relationship with someone else?”

“Not really.” Grizz being honest. “You really went through a phase, unlike us.”

Panda looked through his phone while going through his list of friends. He didn’t changed Future Mrs. Panda to just Lucy after he and his brothers came back from T-Pain’s concert. He knew doing the right thing was the only option until things got complicated for him.

“I’m gonna use the bathroom, I’m sure next week will be good for all of us.” Panda got off his chair as he headed to the bathroom. Grizz wants to make Panda feel better during the whole trip next week, but it won’t help at the fact his secret hasn’t been spoken to Lucy. But with the risk of saying it in front of Kale, it won’t be the ideal time or opportunity.

He turned to his laptop and might find a way to help him with his love life. He took it out, went to a website similar to Mom’s app and Buddy Maker. He came across it several times as an ad when he went through several different websites during his free time. Ice Bear decided to see what Grizz is doing and once he saw the website itself, he knows exactly what’s going on.

“Okay annnnd...done!” Grizz finished typing everything about Panda on the website, minus everything with his old relationship Lucy in the past. Just when Panda got out of the bathroom, Grizz went to Everyone’s Tube right away. “So Panda, wanna watch a movie now?”

“Sure.” Panda spoke as he headed to the living room.

“I just hope she arrives before we go on our camping trip next week.” Grizz whispered.

“Ice Bear isn’t sure if the dream girl will arrive.” Ice Bear whispered back.

“What was that?” Panda responded from the living room.

“Nothing!” Grizz reacted.

In Louisiana, just over two thousand miles from San Francisco, a train is making its way to Dallas, Texas. Inside, there’s a girl wearing a panda hat while her phone case has a panda on it. She looked at her phone to see if there’s any chance of getting a boyfriend from the dating website she’s been on to lately. But then she went to the latest information from the blog section. When she read the blog from beginning to end with a photo of Panda, she remembered meeting him just before she left San Francisco a while back. Not to mention she thanked him for finding her lost phone.

“It’s him again.” She smiled. “I really need to make up from what he did for me.” As she put her phone away, she looked outside as she saw the sights of the state of Louisiana, while taking a long journey to San Francisco, with many stops along the way.

For anyone who needs an understanding of these characters, I'm not going to discuss all of them and talk about the ones I'm focusing. First is Lucy. She's a character who Panda had a crush on since the 1st season.

However out of all the supporting characters in the show, she had the least amount of appearances. She made 4 appearances, two from season 3 and one in the following season. In her final episode, she's in a relationship with Kale which caused Panda to deal with tough love. Here's an image of Kale.

The propose of this fanfic is to have a continuation from The Limo episode. I was starting to feel upset that We Bare Bears never got a 5th season so we can get more episodes. That way we can get more character appearances in the show. Anyway, the next chapter is going to have more characters from the show. Here's some images so you can understand from their appearance.

Ranger Tabes

Chloe Park

Poppy Rangers (Yes I'm gonna call all of their names)


Also if your wondering who that girl is at the end of the chapter, I'm keeping her name secret just like the show did in her one and only episode Appearance in Season 3. The 2nd chapter it gonna be called Lucy And Tabes.

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