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Mischevious Chimerae · 12:02pm Nov 25th, 2020

So, in light of a recent cartoon reboot, I've come to an interesting revelation. One of the running gags of Animaniacs, then and now, is the question of just what the Warner Brothers (and the Warner Sister) are in terms of species.

We just didn't have the answer in the 90's.

It's deceptively simple. Look at the question from a different angle, not taxonomy but behavior. What do the Warners do?

They rattle the status quo. They mock established structures and trends. They send massive egos toppling off their pedestals. In short, they are agents of chaos. Yes, cartoon chaos, but chaos nonetheless.

The question is no longer "What are the Warners?" The question is "Who said a draconequus had to be a collage when they can be an even blend of species instead?"

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Oh, nice. :D
(Also, though I'm not sure if you were already proposing this in the blog post or not, it seems quite possible that they're in fact one draconequus, in one way or(/and, since why should they be limited to just one method of division all the time) another.)

...Also, the idea comes to me that this seems like a possible in for a crossover. :D

A compelling theory. And taking that one step further it seems like the establishment this draconequus is rattling is our real world. Which suggests that Animaniacs is what our lives must look like to Discord.

Y'know, I'd never considered that angle.

Oh definitely. And one manifestation of their eldritch power is their fourth wall and script awareness.

It’s a meta-question with deep implications for free will whether they can actually change the script when they want to or if that too is scripted at a higher level. This is the kind of thing a chaos spirit worries about...

I was thinking the same thing, that they’re a draconequus collectively rather than individually.

Actually their origin story is even fitting for one. Drawn in the middle of the night by an animator going insane from stress and overwork (dark!) and then coming to life. Seems equivalent to the CMCs awakening Discord doesn’t it...

The fact that they’ve got rules and like to teach lessons also helps. Like, they can’t go full toon on someone who doesn’t obviously deserve it. Nice but annoying leaves them playing defense.

In other words: they, too, would be conquered by Fluttershy.

Of course, they’re also Chaos Spirits even if they aren’t at the top of the heap

And now I want my Fluttershy Meets The Animaniacs crossover. I mean it’s just... she’d love them in all their wacky glory and I’m not sure how they’d take someone weird enough to actually appreciate them you know?

Any number of people would get messed with, especially Twilight and ESPECIALLY Rainbow Dash. Pinkie Pie would freak them the heck out.

All you have to do is ask.

EAnimaniacs in Equestria
The Warners have delighted children and adults for years and now their back! Come one come all and see them in their new show! Hasbro presents the "Animaniacs" (co., tm, etc.)
TopWanted · 17k words  ·  96  4 · 2.3k views

More interesting points; thanks. :)

Huh. :D

So they're the CMC after they ascend?

Yay! Yes! Additional draconeqqui are definitely part of my headcanon. Maybe like Discord is their uncle even. :pinkiegasp: is fic that.

...Hm. Well, that wasn't something I thought of (Sorry if you thought it was? I'm afraid I'm not sure exactly what to make of your phrasing in context.). I suppose it could work with some versions of the CMC, at least?
...Actually, was it even me you meant to reply to? That might be why I'm so confused... though if it was me, sorry for not having a better understanding of what you're trying to say and how to respond.

Another point in favor of their being a draconequus, they’re canonically immortalish! Last time one of them died the rest of them pestered Death Himself into undoing it and then running away from them in terror.

In chaos there is order namely cause and effect: all events are caused by a preceding one though with existence and how flexible it is they do not have to be quantumnly linear

For example a god is erased not killed but erased in entirety, existence must account for the vaccum of involved effects and alters itself in a cascade forward, backwards, and to the sides quantumnly

To everyone outside it the effects would seem to be random but when scrutinized fully have a pattern

Within order is chaos: chance, probability, and luck can force order in unforeseen directions by causing unlikely events to occur

such as say all people in a city flushing all the toilets at once causing a cascading failure in the sewer system and forcing the city to adapt to the new status quo of a defunct sewer

Most would say this scenario is statistically impossible but in the end no matter how small it has a chance of occurring which means that impossibility itself is impossible meaning all events are inevitable

In other terms think of it as a yin tang symbol there is a chance of one raising from the other like a seed so the answer I give is

Ooh, I hadn't considered the "tripartite gestalt" angle, but I love it. The three siblings are but aspects of the greater Warner, seeming disconnected only because of our limited, four-dimensional perspective. Goodness knows they cause enough madness and gibbering to qualify for the eldritch angle.

So much fodder for mockery and absurdity? Makes sense to me.

The interesting question is whether Discord is more powerful than the Warners, or simply older and more jaded.

Possible support for the "three parts of a greater whole" interpretation as well. The Reaper can't claim what isn't fully in his domain, and they'll gladly rub that in his face until it get lodged in his nasal cavity.

Pretty sure any chaos entity less violent and malevolent that a Warhammer daemon would get conquered by Fluttershy in time, and I'm honestly not sure about some of the daemons. Most valuable cultist since 2013. :yay:

As for altering the script, now we're going past chaos into a whole new metanarrative level. Though it is interesting to note that the new theme song no longer has the lines "The writers flipped/We have no script/Why bother to rehearse?"

Pinkie Pie would freak them the heck out.

Yakko: "No fair, they've got one on their side!"
Wakko: "She eats everything!"
Dot: "And she's cute!"

Superego, Id, Ego. Male, Whatever*, Female. Spock, Kirk, McCoy. All these mysteries and more are contained within the trinity that is Yakko, Wacko, and Dot

*("They say we're pushing an agenda." "What? Wacko doesn't even have a genda!")

"So... you're all aspects?"
"There's no call for that kind of language young man!"
"No I mean... the three of you, you're like part of a whole right?"
"Sure! A whole family!"
"Spielberg's retired you know."
"Oh. Well then just don't worry too much about it."
"It's not that complicated." *points at Pinkie Pie* "She gets it!"
"Except she's long and we're flat."
"EXCUSE ME?!?!?"
"Hablamos espanol!"

And altering the script, cheating fate... it's all how you tell the story.

Some demons collect cults of mortals. Fluttershy collects cults of demons.

As further evidence for the Warner's nature as a Draconequus trinity, I submit Dot's many pets.

Also, when they were first animated in black and white world their noses were still red. It's a color out of space!

Oh, thanks. :D
And aye. :)


And now I want my Fluttershy Meets The Animaniacs crossover. I mean it’s just... she’d love them in all their wacky glory and I’m not sure how they’d take someone weird enough to actually appreciate them you know?

Pretty sure we saw them deal with a nanny that was trying to appreciate them, sing them some happy songs, etc. And since they were powerless against the power of love, they called in a squirrel.

So they call in Slappy, and SHE has to face the ponies... which is interesting and a much more even “fight”. But my money is still on friendship, mostly because of Skippy. At some point you just KNOW he joins the cutie mark crusaders.

But my money is still on friendship, mostly because of Skippy. At some point you just KNOW he joins the cutie mark crusaders.

This has to become a fic :-)

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