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Five Ways Liberals Try to Ruin Thanksgiving · 1:09pm Nov 24th, 2020

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and like clockwork, liberals will be outraged over it for nothing and try and ruin it for everyone involved. I’ll list their methods of attack for your benefit, because chances are you will have to deal with them, or maybe you are one of them yourself.

#1: They focus on genocide.

Apparently Thanksgiving is a celebration of genocide. Every year, guaranteed, you will find angry, smug tweets from white young liberals saying, “Screw Thanksgiving! It celebrates genocide! And you’re an awful person if you do celebrate it!” We also hear this from non-Americans who are so butthurt that they’re not American, they’ll take any opportunity they can to take shots at America. Here’s one a few years ago from a woman called Blaine Hernandez. She’s American, but her ancestry is Spanish, so she’s like, “Hmm, I want to write about how America is this oppressive, evil nation,” but who do you think sold us our slaves? What country was it that pioneered that pesky transatlantic slave trade? Wasn’t that Spain and Portugal? But apparently it’s only America that has to apologize for doing bad stuff in the past. Okay. I see.

In all of these articles that seek to discredit America and Thanksgiving celebrations, they don’t actually make intellectual cases for why Thanksgiving is a bad thing. This is what they do: They start off with a headline that connects Thanksgiving to the genocide of the Natives. The text of the article is either a timeline of how Natives were treated in America, or how the historical record of Thanksgiving isn’t entirely accurate, because of differences in food or whatever; or even both. But either way, the way the Natives were treated has nothing to do with why we actually celebrate Thanksgiving.

We all know the story (or maybe not, since our education is messed up beyond belief): The people we refer to as the Pilgrims pulled up at Plymouth Rock. They were originally supposed to pull up at what’s now Manhattan, but life screwed them over. At Plymouth they found an abandoned Native village full of stored food and water, and a lot of cleared land. They were all like, “Cool. Who do we pay for this?” But everyone who was in the village was straight-up dead. So that was a bummer.

But there was a dude who used to live in that village called Squanto who pulled up and said, “Yo, what’s cookin’, my guys, I used to live here until I was kidnapped and sold into slavery in (you guessed it) Spain, and I speak English and accept Christ. Want me to help you plant crops and negotiate peace with the most important Native chief in the region?” And the Pilgrims were all like, “Okay, Squanto’s confirmed epic, huge pp, thank you Squanto, very cool.”

What we refer to as the First Thanksgiving was actually a three-day harvest period in October consisting of about 90 Natives and 60 Pilgrims, because so many of them had died in one of the worst winters on record. The Pilgrims were all like, “Yo, my homies, do you want some vegetables and fish?” And the Natives were all like, “Uh, yeah. You want some deer, my guy?” That’s basically all that happened. Your history teachers make it out to be far worse.

Again, the reason we celebrate Thanksgiving has nothing to do with what ultimately happened to the Natives. To say we celebrate Thanksgiving because we celebrate the genocide of the Natives is like saying, “I celebrate Veterans Day because of all the people killed by our military.” It’s exactly the same, because I’m not going to apologize for having either holiday. I won’t apologize for our conquering of the Native Americans because I did not conquer the Natives and I have no intention of it. We can have that discussion if you really want. But the reason we celebrate Thanksgiving is because we are giving thanks to our friends, families, communities, and to God, just as how we celebrate Veteran’s Day because we want to honor our veterans. This does not mean we agree that every action taken by the involved parties is good. Good and evil actions were taken by both the settlers and the Natives, by both our military and our enemies. But the point is, that is an entirely different discussion.

The reason the left takes issue with traditions like Thanksgiving is because Thanksgiving is essential to the social and historical fabric of America. They seek to destabilize or destroy it because they resent America. Attacking holidays is just one of the more incessant ways they do this because it happens every year, but make no mistake, they are actively trying to destroy American culture in any way possible. This leads into the next way they try and ruin it.

#2: You Will Conform.

Liberals are evangelically progressive. They can’t let Thanksgiving be Thanksgiving, because they see it as a time to “educate you.” Not just about their pseudo-history of the holiday, but about all their other liberal beliefs as well. And if you disagree, you’re not only wrong, but morally reprehensible. It’s not that you’re a bad person. It’s just that you’re a terrible person.

Last year, some blue-checkmark named Jen Winston was planning to totally own everyone at Thanksgiving by... wearing a shirt that said vagina on it. “Uh, yeah, get totally pwned, Grandma! My shirt says vagina on it! *dab* Get totally fricked, Grandma! You’re getting dunk’d on right now, Grandma!” It’s so annoying.

To these people, “Educating” means reciting whatever they read on… freaking Vox, Vice, or The Huffington Post. Not only that, they are so sure that they are so much more superior to you that they have no idea what you actually believe. It’s been proven that conservatives understand liberals better than liberals understand conservatives.

See, while you’re talking to them, and you see what they have to say, you visualize a tree with different paths they could take and you try to plan what to say in response. When you make your point, though, they just get mad. They revert to emotionally-driven responses, cling to outlandish hypotheticals, and call you names and do whatever they need to to convince others that they have not lost the argument, but more importantly, to convince themselves that they have not lost the argument.

They think it’s their duty to inform everyone of their beliefs, which is why they are evangelically progressive. They are not seeking for discussion. They are seeking to teach you a lesson. And if you disagree, they’ll do all in their power to discredit you so you cannot interfere with them any more. It’s all petty and unwarranted competition. It’s when you sit down at Thanksgiving dinner with a shirt saying, “Decolonize your bookshelf.” What you’re saying is, “I’m more woke than you. I have the correct opinions. Give me validation! Give me attention. I think white people are bad; isn’t that a unique opinion? Look at me, I’m so unique and totally not an NPC. Orange Man Bad.”

#3: They give your slightly racist grandpa a hard time.

I’ll keep this brief. I’m not saying the old guy’s right. I’m not saying I support any kind of bigotry. I am saying, give the guy a break. He was probably born in the 40s or even earlier, he’s killed about two dozen Communists in Vietnam or Korea, he raised your mom and/or dad, and gave you 25% of his genetics. He’s been through a lot, and he’s tired, and he wants to live the rest of his brief life in peace with his family. So just chill. Do you really want your last few Thanksgivings together to be focused around giving him diversity training?

I don’t think people live to be 60-85 years old just to have their mind changed by some college student unironically wearing a Che Guevara t-shirt with a valley girl accent saying with a scoff, “Uh, Grandpa, you can’t call them negroes anymore.” He’s your grandpa and you should love him, so please, shut your mouth and eat your turkey. And remember: racism is largely generational. It’s disappearing in the country, so take this as an opportunity to be thankful that you learned from an early age that diversity is a strength. Because evidently, your grandpa wasn’t as lucky as you.

#4: They compromise the integrity of tradition.

Thanksgiving is Thanksgiving because it is Thanksgiving. (I hope that made a modicum of sense) If Thanksgiving were anything else from what is traditionally done on Thanksgiving, it would not be Thanksgiving. So the only way to have true Thanksgiving is to preserve what is typically done on Thanksgiving: football, feasting, and reflection. (Drinking game: take a shot of cranberry sauce or gravy every time I say Thanksgiving.)

Ultimately as conservatives, we embrace tradition, which means preserving the Thanksgiving traditional feast. That means turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, cranberry sauce, stuffing, rolls, pumpkin pie--and maybe homemade mac ‘n cheese. Depends on if you’re from the South. You see what I'm getting at here? And sure, everyone's Thanksgiving is different. There will be personal elements to your dinner that do not match tradition. For example, our family has sweet potato casserole and frog-eye salad, which is just a bunch of small fruit and pasta grains in whipped cream. So no, I am not saying you cannot celebrate Thanksgiving in your personal way. I also realize that there are different cultures in the US that don't eat typical American food on Thanksgiving day and focus instead on feasting in their traditional diet and remembering what you are thankful for. That's perfectly fine too. Who am I to destroy your culture? That’s a liberal’s job.

Liberals seek to defy tradition and gain dopamine through everyone either accepting their outlandish contributions and validating them, or by getting smug satisfaction from totally pwning your conservative family. They go like, “Oh, I brought a burger bowl with a vegan meat substitute.” "Here, I contributed some water. But I put a strawberry and vodka in it!" "I noticed a lack of stir-fry at the table, so I microwaved some mixed veggies and put some soy sauce in it. I always said Thanksgiving needs to be more ethnically diverse." "I thought we should try something new for Thanksgiving this year, so I made some weird pink thing instead of a turkey. I don't even know what it is, but it's gluten free."


You took marriage. You took history. You took art. You took education. You took gender. You took everything. Just let me have my turkey, dangit. I realize I sound like a boomer, (I just wanna grill, dangit!) but if that’s the price I have to pay, so be it. I am not kidding when I say there are Thanksgivings with taco bars. Imagine looking forward to this feast all year long, and then finding out you get only what Taco Bell has to offer. So, decidedly not having fun, you dejectedly eat your tacos and hope Christmas dinner isn’t as bad.

I sincerely think this defiance is intentional, at least for most of them. I’m sure they have good intentions and all, but the crux of the matter here is they think tradition is bad; and progress, defined as anything that isn’t tradition, is good. We see this everywhere, whether it’s in their policies or in their traditions. “Hey, I know! Instead of watching football on Thanksgiving, I put on Veep! Or Glee! Isn’t that great! Why are you getting so upset? Or how about The Office! Did you know I love The Office, as indicated by my unique and quirky Dunder Mifflin crewneck?"

#5: Politics over Family

This is kind of related to the second one, but this ties it all together very neatly. The left cannot separate politics from morality. All of their ideas have been proven to be such catastrophic failures that the only thing they have left is morality. Because it’s much easier to twist morality than it is to twist the evidence from putting such an idea into practice. (California, the great progressive experiment, is rapidly turning into one of the poorest states in the country with record homeless numbers and some of the highest taxes ever despite a decrease in quality of life.) All they have is surface-level morality. That’s why leftist political strategists and the media figures frame every argument as a moral argument. It’s not about gun rights, it’s, “You don’t care about psychopaths killing kids!” It’s not about tax policy, it’s, “You don’t care about poor people.” It’s not if abortion is murder, it’s, “You don’t care about a women’s choice to kill kids!” See the pattern?

It’s the reason why most of us have lost friends or even family members over political differences. Research from the Nonpartisan Public Religion Research Institute showed that over a quarter of liberals, 28%, unfriended or blocked one of their friends on social media because of political disagreements; three times more than the number of conservatives who did the same, or independents, 9% of whom did so.

Clearly, there is something happening on the left that isn’t translating to the other ends of the political spectrum. That being, their arguments are about morality by necessity. What that means for the left is, if you disagree, logically speaking, you are immoral. They have no problem cutting you off, because why would you associate with someone that’s immoral? (Like how we don’t associate with Kody The Ultimate Brony, which people on both sides of the isle can condemn) This increasing division is a legitimately major issue for people on both the right and left, and one of impending doom for America. We are the last bastion, the greatest nation in the world. If we fall, the world falls. I can’t stress how important this is without quoting Dr. Seuss: unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.

I’d hate to be a bummer, though. That’s a bit of a sad end to a blog. In the meanwhile, enjoy your turkey, enjoy your family, and enjoy the country you're in. Because for what it's worth, there's a dark future ahead of us should these pervasive ideals continue. We should think positive nonetheless, though. It's the only way you can get through it without going mad.

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Comments ( 18 )

Ngl tho bro, fighting over politics at the table is fun.

If anything, it keeps you on your toes.

its better than the mash potatoes.

Thanksgiving is Thanksgiving because it is Thanksgiving. (I hope that made a modicum of sense) If Thanksgiving were anything else from what is traditionally done on Thanksgiving, it would not be Thanksgiving. So the only way to have true Thanksgiving is to preserve what is typically done on Thanksgiving: football, feasting, and reflection. (Drinking game: take a shot of cranberry sauce or gravy every time I say Thanksgiving.)

Ultimately as conservatives, we embrace tradition, which means preserving the Thanksgiving traditional feast.

As much as this passage is watering my taste buds (as I will sadly be unable to mark Thanksgiving on the marked date), I would counter by arguing that whilst having tradition is fine, you have to understand why the tradition exists; it's tradition because it's tradition is rather unusual logic.

Furthermore, on the genocide issue, it's a comment on the irony of the situation; having been helped by Native Americans, Europeans then spent much of the next 300 or so taking land from them (often with the aid of very dodgy legal arguments that wouldn't stand up in court today).


having been helped by Native Americans, Europeans then spent much of the next 300 or so taking land from them

First, the people the Natives helped were not the ones clamoring for their removal. I highly doubt the same people who were in the first Thanksgiving, or who made regular, friendly trade with the Natives in the following years, were the same ones who were urging the government to destroy them and take over their land. Those who did that were either unexposed to friendly Natives or were told that they were uncivilized and in the way of expansion.

Besides, the Natives fought over land as well. And so did every other successful nation in history. We succeeded in conquering them because we had numerical and technological advantages. I do admit the legal actions were hardly fair. And I do regret the fact that the Natives were consigned to that fate. But if I'm asked for an apology, I won't give it because it isn't my fault. I had no part in their fate. Even my bloodline ancestors didn't persecute the Natives; to the contrary, some got along fairly well with them, since they were living in the West as a result of religious persecution.

True. A most interesting piece, otherwise.

Like it or not, settlers killed a lot of natives. Presenting only the « happy part » as a holiday is a bit dishonest and, frankly, distasteful. It whitewashes the whole thing and present settlers-natives relations in a ahistorical way that hides the horrors that happened.

On that note, you can enjoy your turkey, you can silently cringe as your grandpa casually makes a racism and you can turn away from the politics discussions at the table. Liberals won’t take it away from you. Holidays like that take a lot of time to change and when they do it generally involves very little and the new traditions just get integrated organically.

Now, with COVID-19, I get that people still want to gatter with all their family and feel as if the government is stealing thanksgiving from them. We are currently having a worldwide crisis so government intervention is not unusual. There are no reasons to believe this is a plot.

Grandma and grandpa could die. I lost a granfather around Christmas time. It’s a bummer and Christmas has never been the same on that side of the family. Kind of ruined it. I’m sure a lot of people here like thanksgiving and don’t want to ruin it during this shitty year. By still having it, you might ruin it for longer. You can do smaller gatherings, have a zoomcall with your elders, phone your family and still have a traditional thanksgiving meal.

On the note of liberals. First, they are center right. In the US, they are on the right of that center right. Secondly, liberal states are doing better economically than red states (including california). Yes california has a big homeless problem. Homelessness is not born out of poverty, it is mostly caused by mental illness and drug addiction (which can also be considered a mental illness). It also grew a lot this year because of covid.

Finally, morality and politics are pretty much strapped together. You vote for a politician because of his economic policies even if he’s removing environmental protection? Well, you implicitly think that the economy is more important than the environment. Actually, you also think the environment is important but you think the economy is at a worst place? You resolved a moral dilemma you had and chose that the economy is more important. Actually, you just think the guy is funny and makes great memes? You actually choose to not consider the other moral implications of his policies and focus on the pleasure he brings you as a head of state (hedonism).

Pilgrims? Don't you mean to call them by what they preferred to be called: The SEPARATISTS!?
I'm not even kidding.


Secondly, liberal states are doing better economically than red states (including california).

California is home to some of the highest real estate prices, highest taxes, and highest number of business regulations in the country. The cost of living in California is three or four times higher than it takes to live in Texas. The cost of gasoline, energy, and transportation is all 50% higher than the national average in California because of the extensive environmental regulations. Over a million Californians live without access to modern energy services because they have to pay so much despite making so little. To afford the median monthly rent in Los Angeles, renters need to make almost $48 per hour. The left spends a lot of time talking about income inequality and how to fix it, but California ranks 4th out of 50 states in highest income inequality, and 2nd in fastest-growing income inequality. California has now, and has always had, the highest poverty rate in the country, with one in five residents below the poverty line. One out of every three people who need economic assistance in the nation are in California. California spends more than Texas, Arizona, South Dakota, North Dakota, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Oregon, Idaho, Hawaii, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, and Montana combined on welfare annually. And this widespread spending only exacerbated the problem of homelessness.

Even though homelessness has been dropping nationwide, California, with more than 12% of the population, has 49% of the nation's homeless. From San Diego and Skid Row to Sacramento and San Francisco, this problem is universal in the state. Every single city is being impacted. They're nearly all drug addicts or sex offenders. Jobs have been created to literally power-wash the poop off sidewalks and rake up needles in public parks and playgrounds.

In many parts of the state, schools are in the bottom percentile and crime rates are out of control. The state and local governments are doing things to restrict the development of new housing units in the free market like restrictions on building and rent control, which disincentives the creation of new rental units. Estimates say that over 1,000 people, all homeless, die on the streets of Los Angeles every year. The homelessness issue has developed into a state of emergency. All this is leading more and more businesses and individuals to flee the state at record numbers. People can't live like that.

If morality and politics are strapped together, this is not moral. It's just another example of how leftist experiments and ideas never, ever work out.

Buncha dirty seps. For the Republic!

Religious prosecution?

What religion were your ancestors

We'll give those droids something to think about!

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. From 1830 to 1847, after being run out of New York, Ohio, Missouri, and Illinois, enduring shootings, tar-and-featherings, arson, theft, and fraud, among other things, they were forced to settle far away in Utah. On the other hand, Utah was untouched from the Civil War two decades later, so I suppose we consider that a blessing in hindsight.

You do of course realize that the American's focus of America's past is primarily due to the fact that Americans are American, yes?

I'd be very impressed (and stunned) if an American casually expressed knowedge in how it was France's Slave Trade that beget the chain of events that birthed Voodoo in the US.

This argument feels charged

Charged is an understatement, this argument is as intense as a lightning bolt.

People just need to calm down, be glad for the holiday and enjoy watching the Cowboys get their asses kicked. Just follow the three Fs of Thanksgiving


If you have those three things, you have plenty to be thankful for.

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