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Pharynx is best changeling. CHANGE MY MIND.

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Normal Girls · 5:28am Nov 22nd, 2020

Pharynx finally stopped in front of a random building, panting heavily. “I think I lost them... for now.”

He trotted slowly, mumbling to himself. “Why me of all creatures? If they want to snuggle and squeal over some ‘adorable bugboy’ shouldn’t they go to my brother? Ugh.”

The changeling then heard some faint chattering nearby. ...I swear, if that’s them right now, I’m gonna—

He looked around the corner; Oculus was there, with what appeared to be a non-reformed female changeling with a brown mane that had streaks of purple in it. Her deep violet eyes looked at Pharynx with surprise.

“Er... Oculus?”

“Oh, hey Pharynx! Didn’t expect you to be here. Have I introduced you to Bez yet?”

Pharynx blinked. “What’s a ‘Bez’?”

“Heheheh... well, you see she’s—“

“Bez” lifted her glasses to appraise the taller changeling. “...You’re ‘Pharynx’ right?”

“...But of course.”

“Sweet. Name’s ‘Bezier’.” The female changeling stuck a foreleg out, which Pharynx shook hesitantly. “But call me ‘Bez’.”

“Hm... okay... Bez.”

They were interrupted by a loud squeal, and they turned to see a grinning mare trotting on her hooves.

“Look, there he is! I’ve found him! I’ve found my true lo—”

WHAM! Bezier hit her straight on the head with a forehoof, knocking her out.

“Hmph. Dumb fangirls... let’s go Oculus.” She stopped and turned around. “You coming, Pharynx?”

Pharynx couldn’t help but grin and nod.

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backstory yey!!

Just edited it. Forgot an important part.

Ah. Well, still a sweet ending

i see now...

bezzy really is a tough bug

Mission Passed

Maybe I should check these out...

Reasons to carry a shotgun with you: Fangirls, Bigfoot, and for fun.

Also... Queue "not like other girls" meme...

Well at least he found somebody who's not crazy lol

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