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Random Ramblings CDVIII · 3:55am Nov 21st, 2020

Greetings, all! I'm feeling a sense of relief. But before I get into that, enjoy some great piano music!

If you'll please follow me past the jump, I'd like to say a few words about my latest story and life.

First off, I'm sorry for not finishing the Mayor Mare story on the 10th as I'd expected. My sleep schedule has been, for lack of a better word, verkackte. Also, I realized after I finished the main part of the epilogue that I needed a section with Mayor Mare in it, since, y'know, it's a Mayor Mare story. So I sat down this evening and wrote that.

Are there some continuity mistakes? Probably. Do I care? Not at this point.

Anyone who has been following me and my work long enough knows how I feel about Donald Trump (I'm not a fan). Because the news networks waited an extra four days to call the election -- even though the outcome was obvious to data folks early on the morning after -- I had to hold off on starting the epilogue, because the contents would change based upon whether or not Trump managed to win re-selection -- I don't use "reelection" since he was never going to win the popular vote; in my PoliSci eye, George Dubya was selected in 2000 but elected in 2004.

Had Trump successfully stolen the election -- as I type this, his band of shyster lawyers and whores is still trying, although I'm convinced it's all just a grift to fund Trump's legal defense for once New York State indicts him for fraud on January 21st -- I would have had him win the standoff with the Princesses and rebuild the concentration camp. And more characters would have died of Blue-Flu.

At least one reader stated in the comments of one chapter that I would use the plot as an excuse for Granny Smith to pull her phoenix maneuver that she does every century or so. That was never in the cards, and it's why I named the last numbered chapter "Psych".

Some of y'all may have noticed that a few of the chapter names in this one have double-meanings. "Psych" is not just a Take-That to my reader who thought he had the plot figured out, but also how the Princesses' actions were a psych-out to Orangeglow to knock him off-guard. Similarly, the Epilogue "No Escape" refers to both Orangeglow AND the Mayor, as Celestia has ensured both of them are where she wants them.

My Mayor stories are usually comedic, but this one is probably one of the darkest stories I've ever written, probably surpassed only by my suicidal Sunset stories from a couple years or more back. Can you really blame me? Less than a month after I posted the first chapter, my dad's health took a turn for the worst and I relocated to my hometown for six months to take care of him. In that time, I somehow still managed to put out two or three chapters. He died in August. Since then I've been shuttling between here and there to make sure his affairs are still in order. I'm his only child and, since his divorce in January, the only heir. Everything that was his is now mine. Regrettably that also includes debts. I don't like debt. But that's as may be. With my dad gone, I had to kill off one of the main's fathers, and Night-Light drew the short straw (Bright Mac of course is already dead in-canon so AJ doesn't count -- FWIW, he and Pear-Butter are very much alive in my version of the EQG world and will appear if I ever feel up to writing more of my Apple Bloom story). Also, killing off Night-Light gives Shining Armor a narrative reason to stay in Equestria after the Wall fiasco.

Back to IRL: I also don't like when someone goes into my childhood room and steals shit from me (that I thought I'd taken with me back home but I hadn't because I'm a dumbass) so I've spent the past three weeks dealing with the police, bank, and credit card company reporting fraud, and using the law firm I inherited to print out affidavits I have to send to bill collectors. Annoying.

Cannot believe Thanksgiving is next Thursday. Given that the USA is still in the middle of the COVID plague, my dad is dead, and our local friend who usually comes over is immuno-compromised, it's just gonna be me and my mother.

Speaking of my mother, she bought a new car yesterday after years of talking about it. Her dad worked for GM, so with a couple of exceptions she's always owned GM cars. And yes, she bought another Chevrolet. Great SUV -- 2020 (meaning it was discounted due to previous model-year but still sold as "new"; she's been spending too much time with cheapo me) -- only real beef is its gas mileage is merely a little better than her current 2003 Chevy. We'll be donating that one to charity as it's still in great working order.

If there are certain parts of this Mayor Mare story that don't make sense, I urge you to read Antonovka, as it answers nearly everything. Hell, read it anyway if you haven't, because that's one of my stories I'm genuinely pleased with -- I put more effort into that story than probably any other on this site to-date, and from genesis to hiatus to rewrite to completion it took literally three years.

As to when Granny Smith will "die"? It's in my AU canon so it must happen. But I don't know. Suffice to say, there's so much I want to do but so little will to do it, especially now that the show is long-over and I've been busy.

But, as many of y'all know, I hate leaving things unfinished. So I'll probably keep plugging along, farting out whatever stories I can when I can so my two or three readers can enjoy them.

Expect a new Mayor Mare story on January 20th of 2021 as per usual.

In the meantime, Peace out.

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That's pretty cool, it's nice to see the deeper thoughts on these things. :) I've been trying to get back to my writing but it's been tough. I've also written a couple poems if you wanna see sometime? If so I'll send them via pm.

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