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A good story displays a moral, the best ones attach you to the characters who display them.

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  • 44 weeks

    Defintely, 100% do NOT go onto twitter and say the name of the second largest city in Tennessee.

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  • 52 weeks
    It's Decided.

    After careful deliberation, I've decided to go through with my plans. I'm packing up my stories, and reworking the salvageable ones into more original fiction. A Dragon's Hoard, The Black Beast, A Land Without the Sun, An Exit Untaken, What Am I? and The Treasurefruit Tree are all going to undergo immense, immense reworking to remove them from the context of MLP to see

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  • 54 weeks
    About the Future

    I've noticed that I've lost a lot of my motivation for writing lately, at least as far as this website specifically. My passion for storytelling is still as vibrant as ever, and I love developing worlds and structuring scenes for proof of concept, but I have a hard time finding it in me to continue developing the stories centered around our favorite pastel horses. I've gotten the feeling that my

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  • 58 weeks
    So an old friend recommended an anime...

    Some show called Your Lie in April. I thought screw it, might as well finally go full weeb and binge some anime. Wouldn't hurt to be a good friend and try out what my friends enjoy, you know?

    One episode in: good start, strong introduction to characters that feel alive and resonant.

    Three episodes in: some minor complaints, but nothing that damns the overall show.

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  • 61 weeks
    You Know What? No.

    Me: I need to make an entire creation mythology to explain one small part of--

    Me to Me:

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You Know What? No. · 8:26pm Nov 19th, 2020

Me: I need to make an entire creation mythology to explain one small part of--

Me to Me:

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Me whenever I wanna come up with a story idea.

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