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    After watching all 2021 MCU movies and Disney+ shows, here's my own ranking on them.

    MCU Movies

    1. Spider-Man: No Way Home (My personal favorite 2021 MCU movie and it was fucking awesome movie I ever watch!)

    2. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (Again, awesome movie with one of the best MCU villain!)

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    Santa got me The Story of Marvel Studios Book! ๐Ÿ˜€

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    Merry Christmas!!!!!

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    I thought characters are likable and nice use of foreshadowing... the songs are catchy.

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Why I don't get involved with ships · 6:49am Nov 19th, 2020

I know people loves to ship a character with another character but for me, I usually don't get involved with the ships and the reason is because I don't want to start a ship war and constantly dealing with people telling me why the ship donโ€™t work or trying to prove me wrong about the ship that I don't like.

I don't want to ends up like Jesse Zuke.

Back in 2016, I was watching Steven Universe all the way till the finale but during Summer of Steven event, there was an episode that cause a huge controversy and the one that ultimately made her left the show, The episode was called "Beta".

The reason why the episode cause a controversy was Jesse Zuke (Who was at the time was called Lauren Zuke) ships Peridot with Lapis and folks got really mad at them for shipping them and accused them for "negating" Amethyst x Peridot ship and they thought Lapis x Peridot ship was "queer-baiting".

Because it was so confrontational that they couldn't take it anymore and quit the show.

I even made a blog about it and calling those "fans" out for their mistreatment toward Jesse Zuke. (Majority of "fans" are from Tumblr, No surprise)


That's why I try to not get involved with the ships because of that, Goes same for Voltron.

All staff members of Voltron have expressed their disappointment with the behavior of the fandom in regards to Ship-to-Ship Combat, especially against the rabid Keith/Lance shippers.

I am somewhat wary of the ships because the fandom especially Steven Universe cause me to avoid shipping and if I ship someone, they're coming after you.

But unlike them, I do try to be open on ships as long they are not incest or abusive one.

If you reading this and you are a shipper, please respect the people's opinion and don't become like those who builled Jesse Zuke.

Thank you for reading this, I just want to get off my chest on ships.

Comments ( 6 )

You know, it's too bad fandoms don't have some type of leadership hierarchies to keep such toxicity under control.

Yeah, that's sad some fandom is so toxic.

I wish fandoms are not toxic like right now.

You know while I actually ship characters in this show, I always make sure to be civil about it and share them with close friends.

I'm glad that you respected people's opinion unlike those who drove Jesse Zuke away from Steven Universe over a ship.

Sometimes I disagree on certain ships but I don't go around and bullied them over ships, that's just childish.

I agree with you on being civil with others.

First of all, and most importantly, I am very sorry that happened to your friend. Some fandoms are nicer than others, but they all have their toxic side, and the sad thing is ships are a common berserk button for a lot of people. Kinda strange that a Peridot/Lapis one got them attacked since that one seems popular in the fandom. Then again the creator said Peridot is asexual but since when has that stopped shippers?

I agree that attacking people for their own opinions is unacceptable. I admit I myself am adamant and very passionate about the ships I support, but if someone doesnโ€™t agree with me on them then I just try to move on with my life and if nothing else I just try to ignore the ones I hate.

But unlike them, I do try to be open on ships as long they are not incest or abusive one.

Smart call on that one.

Well, actually Jesse Zuke was a staff member of the show and they wrotes and storyboard some of the episodes before they left.

I didn't know them personally but still, I was enraged the way some fans mistreat them over a ship.

If you disagrees with a ship, don't go so low by bullying them..... I absolutely despises bullies.

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