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Writer, artist, voice actor, cosplayer, huge friggin' nerd from the magical land known only in myths as Finland. And as a Finn, I require coffee: https://ko-fi.com/N4N715XLW:

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  • 3 weeks
    Umbral Souls Update

    One reason it's taken this long, barring everything else in life, is that I felt wrong leaving Spike out, so I rewrote the chapters to have him included, as well as fixing some discrepancies:

    1. Spike the Dog is now in the story from chapter 1 onwards.

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  • 4 weeks
    My Little Pony: A New Generation short review (SPOILERS)

    So, me and my wife watched My Little Pony: A New Generation just now. Part of me was dreading it was just going to be a complete mess that didn’t know what it was going to be as a sequel to a pop-culture phenomenon like Friendship is Magic, while the other part was hoping it’d somehow blow my mind away.

    To my utter disappointment; it did neither.

    The movie was just meh.

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  • 10 weeks
    Umbral Souls Update

    I've almost finished updating the chapters to bring Spike into the story. Much of it is still the same, with added bits of dialogue, and he will be given more focus as the story goes on. Even have some heroic moments planned for the doggo.

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  • 13 weeks
    Scam recovery

    So last night when I was just chilling, about to do some actual writing for a change as promised to people on FimFiction, when what seems to be my bro North, saying they "accidentally got me in trouble".

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  • 13 weeks
    I was scammed via Steam

    So tonight I was eager to start remastering Umbral Souls, but then I get a message from my friend North Bridge via Steam that he'd gotten me in trouble and that my Steam was going to be deleted. I was told to contact an admin, who then said due to some inconsistency in spending, implying I did something illegal, I had to send them money to balance things out which would be refunded.

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Still getting views? · 6:31pm Nov 18th, 2020

Just a tad surprised that Equestria Girls: Duel Monsters is still getting likes despite the final cancellation of the project on July. On one hand, it is nice that people liked it, on the other I am feeling quite indecisive if I should just tighten the proverbial belt and carry on with it, even if I genuinely don't find Yu-Gi-Oh in its current state appealing in the slightest, all the while Umbral Souls, despite the near back-to-back update last month didn't garner so much as a peep.

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Personally, I'd say write what you like. If you're not enjoying writing it then don't bother. Having said that, if you can think of a way to make it enjoyable to write, even if that means changing the source material in some way, then go for it.

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