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Horse-words writer believing in the Savior and Lord Jesus Christ, creatively crafting stories in imitation of a creatively crafting God. Consider this: Are you sure you're going to Heaven?

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    December 2021 Update

    I'll make it quick since it's getting very close to the end of the year and the celebrations associated with that:

    • Crystal War story's final self-editing pass has begun, with two chapters already under the belt.

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    Christmas for This Year and Beyond

    Luke 2:8-20 (ESV)

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    November 2021 Update

    Perhaps short updates will be the norm for now, especially when there isn't much to publish in the immediate future. But some explaining first:

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    October 2021 Update

    Another short update for now, but it's significant.

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    October 2021: A Break

    Due to immediately recent events, I will be taking a break from writing for the rest of the week in an effort to mentally and spiritually recharge.

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"To the Gods" · 12:18pm Nov 14th, 2020

The Power Ponies popped out of a super-early-edition enchanted comic Spike got and into the real world as he knew it. However, it was not the happy meeting he expected. Secret documents revealed that the comic the superheroes came out of was enchanted illegally, painting an ominous shadow over the comic's enchanters themselves and rocking the mares' world for the foreseeable future.

With mystery looming over the Power Ponies' very existence, the comic's heroes team up with Spike on a Manehattan-bound trip to Clockwisely HQ—the comic company behind the Power Ponies—to discover who brought them into this reality and why, all while their own world needs saving as it burns in chaos. As they dig into the case, however, they soon realize that dark purposes are afoot...

To the Gods: the sequel to As Flies, are We. Coming the week of November 15-21, chapters released on a trice-a-week schedule.

Report Comma Typer · 76 views · Story: As Flies, are We · #Teaser
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