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Even More Post-Apocalypse Monster Mare Story Discussion... · 7:51am Nov 13th, 2020

So despite everything else that I should be doing and despite my anxiety, I have been working on this story and have made decent headway with it.

Still don't want to say what the monster mare is for this first story, however I do think you will all like her. She might be a little bit crazy but in the Ashen Wasteland, who isn't? :raritywink:

One other thing I have considered doing that I thought I would share is a perk system idea. The idea is that at the end of some of the short stories (will probably include this in the first one), the reader character will level up and three perks will be mentioned in the author notes. You the readers will then vote and the winning perk will become a part of the reader character, if that makes sense.

Well, let me know what you think.

Comments ( 4 )

I like that idea

Since it's monster mares

A perk called Chameleon:

Enemies can't spot you as easily and attacks miss you more frequently

Bonus for blending in the environment

I like the concept.

Here’s a perk idea: Monsterlore

The first time the protagonist touches a Monster MareTM (shakes hooves, chivalrously keeps from falling over, inadvertently touches hooves when exchanging bits, etc.), he gets a vision of an incident in their past.

The vision only lasts for a few seconds and always shows him something that cannot be brought up in casual conversation: strapped down in the white room with a drill being applied to her spine, her frightened face just before blood spatters on it, shivering in terror in a cabinet while hoof steps echo just outside.

The protagonist returns to awareness to see the monster mare looking at him curiously.

While the “leveling” would be interesting, it also would be hard to pull off I´d imagine.
What about this: At the end of the chapter, the readers can vote for a skill the oc uses or an specific course of action the oc takes. That way, the skill still “levels up” as a result of practice. Thing is, it more “real” and, IMO, easier to use for writing, but wouldn´t even need new choices. Instead of things like attributes, you´d just use fitting activities: accuracy -> snipen, endurance -> training, etc.

Just to make that clear, I don´t care which one it´s gonna be. I simply think this would be easier and flow better.

EDIT like 1 minute later: Actually, scratch that. I´d prefer to see you use the perks, if only because I´m interested in how you´d do it.

That is pretty powerful. I mean, full blown visions? Hoo boi.

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