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Should I shelve Lab Horse: Redux and Wielder of the Orb: Third Time's the Charm? · 7:44am Nov 9th, 2020

Yeah, yeah, I'd be killing reboots. Not like I haven't done that before.

Point is, I haven't so much as thought about those two fics for several months now, though I do still want to see them completed at some point or another.

If I do go ahead and put both on hiatus, they'd be joining Into Equestria and Worlds Reset on my shelved list (though, Into Equestria will be changed to "cancelled" once Pony-Me's reboot goes live). Once my current duo of flagships, Splintershard and the Pony-Me reboot are complete, I might come back to them. I just enjoy writing those stories far more than I do anything else right now, even if in the case of the Pony-Me reboot, I've been writing double everything to keep parity with its original fiction spinoff's next (and maybe final?) draft.

It might take a while, especially in the case of Splintershard, but since Pony-Me's reboot is still mostly following the original's plot, there's a clear-cut ending set in stone for it already. Maybe once Pony-Me is over (again), I'll take up one of the two.

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