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  • 12 weeks
    "Is Celestia a Villain? Do you hate Celestia?"

    A strange pair of questions I find asked of many authors, Including myself, when Celestia's image of the perfect ruler is challenged.

    Of my two stories, I've made Celestia a central figure in both of them, for very different reasons, even if her presence isn't truly required.

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  • 34 weeks

    Writing the next two chapters for Innocent Monster is draining me currently.

    Gonna have to delay it till next month.

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  • 38 weeks
    Delays and Resolutions!

    As it stands, I have not posted a new chapter since November.

    This bothers me.

    Expect a new chapter in the next week or two, for both Book and Blade, as well as Innocent Monster.

    No, I haven't forgotten my promise. It's happening.

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  • 43 weeks
    Thank you, Everyone.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    I'm absolutely astonished that my story has been in the features box for so much this week, and I didn't really expect it to take off as it has.

    I want you guys to know that I'm very thankful and this has been a huge boost in my mood, after my long, 8 day work streak prior to Tuesday.

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  • 43 weeks
    So I made another story..

    So I made another story.

    Yaaaay... go read? please?

    It's called Innocent Monster

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Chapter Posted and then Reposted -- Oops. · 12:31am Nov 9th, 2020

The chapter was posted a bit prematurely earlier, since It was still in editing phase.

It will be posted in it's correct form in a little while.

Sorry about this!

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