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Pharynx is best changeling. CHANGE MY MIND.

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Never Letting Go · 7:57pm Nov 8th, 2020

Bezier sighed heavily, laying the side of her head against the table. Oculus blinked as he watched his friend. “Uh… you alright?”

“I’m… fine, it’s just…”

The changeling arched a brow. “You just what…? What’s up?”

“Well, it’s—”

The sharp clattering of a glass plate touching the wooden table hit the changelings’ ears. Donut Joe just nodded at the two before walking away. 

Oculus nodded his head forward and prompted his friend to continue.

Bezier looked like she was snapped out of a daze. “...What just happened?”

“The donuts I ordered, dummy.” Oculus chimed playfully before snagging a donut and shoving it into his muzzle.

Bezier’s eyes narrowed; she wasn’t in the mood for this. “You’re one to talk…”

Oculus flinched a bit as he heard that. “Er… so… what’s up?”

She sighed again. “Well… it’s about… Pharynx…”

The grey changeling’s ears flicked at the sound of that name. “...Okay…? Why’s that?”

“Why do you think? Don’t you remember what he did?”

He blinked, Bez’s questions not exactly clicking yet.

“He tried to split us apart! He told you I thought you were a waste of space when it wasn’t true!”

Oculus’ shoulders sank. “Oh. That. Well, uh… I’m not one to dwell on the past, and uh… forgive and forget.” He grabbed another donut and shoved it into his mouth.

Bezier’s jaw dropped to the floor. “But… but…”

“But nothin’! I mean, I guess Pharynx was a massive tool about it, but Y’know… I used to be just as terrible as he is, so… I guess I can’t really be mad.”

“Wait… really? How?”

“Er… let’s just say I didn’t make the best decisions. Like that one time I started hitting my girlfriend, that other time a long time ago where I was dating all my friends without them knowing, and intentionally manipulating them while I did so.”

Taking a breath, Oculus grabbed another donut. Bezier did the same, taking a few bites before swallowing and continuing. “Well… you’re different from him, really. After all, you’ve actually regretted what you did, right?”

Oculus’ eyes widened. “Of course! I mean, me and Cel aren’t a thing anymore, and I still kinda miss her… but y’know, you live and you learn, and all that shmuck…” Oculus sank down in his seat.

“As for Pharynx?”

“...I dunno, I guess… maybe he had good intentions…?” Oculus offered, a forced friendly grin on his face. 

Bez deadpanned. “Sure he did…”

“W-Well, he could’ve! I mean, I don’t know how much he knows about my past, but… but maybe he just… thought I was a bad influence…”

“Bad influence?”

“Probably.” His voice shrank to a mutter. “Maybe he thought I didn’t deserve you as a friend. I dunno, he could’ve been right.”

“That’s bullshit! He had no right to do this to us! And did he show any regret for it? No!”

“Well, what’re we supposed to do, fight him? It’s water under the bridge, Bez. Just leave it.”

“I-I…” she sighed yet again.

Oculus stared. “You’re not gonna leave it, are you?”


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Aww...poor Bez...

More drama. That’s great to have.

Yaaaaaay! \(‘O’)/
She really doesn’t get why her friend is acting like this.

What can he say? Oculus remains an unproblematic Cinna-Chad.

Not if Virgin Roll can help it.

Mhm. Pharynx really does have a low IQ.

Mhm. I mean, I disagree but he is acting really dumb

He was. He really thought he could get away with all the shit he’s done.

Yeah. How has Thorax not heard of this?

Yeah. I guess he could be busy with King stuff...

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