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To write is to create entire universes. You are a god. But will you be a kind god or a cruel god? Unfortunately, many are cruel, simply to entertain other gods.

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    Current Update

    We had initially planned to end the Fluttershy Arc in the current chapter, but after some debate, we had decided it would be better to create more buildup. Zone's character had not been fleshed out and I had originally wanted to show more of her viewpoints and emotions. Luckily, with some urgency from one of our editors, we have been able to agree upon extending this arc due to a lack of buildup

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    I'm not dead.

    My current silence is due to a living situation that is currently changing. I will soon be able to work on the stories again.

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    Y'all ever just eat bread?

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    New Chapter Tomorrow

    For Fallout Equestria: Redemption is Magic, a new chapter is coming tomorrow. It was originally meant to come out on Halloween, cuz of the spooks, but things came up and life became a little hectic.

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Halloween Teaser · 10:11pm Oct 29th, 2020

She ran because she wanted to get away from everything. The world was cruel. The world was unfair. The world was bleak. In order to escape, she’d have to kill, kill the ones who had created this wasteland. Although she had no soul, she could take the souls of others, and she had justification in her eyes.

Tonight, she'd show them all what it would be like to face a stalker.

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Ooh... that's a good tease, a very good one indeed. ^_^

Yay more fallout Equestria redemption is magic‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️:pinkiehappy:

So, pov of the monster Twilight is going to fight? In that monster's eyes she IS responsible for the Wasteland.. the ministry mare. Her ultimate prey, but you never underestimate a true alicorn of equestria

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