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Hollow Neigh-ve 2 Silk Wings · 6:29pm Oct 27th, 2020

I recently did an Art Trade with Mix-up mashing our Ponysonas with Hollow Knight! I had a great time coming up with this and getting to test out my new drawing program all at once and I think this turned out pretty great. It was great talking and working with Mix-up and here’s hoping I get to work with them again soon :raritywink: Cheers!

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Aw, this looks both cute and awesome! Excelent work :raritystarry:

Yes she has done a very good job on this one

Yeah, love the colors and Mix looks great in that style


Thank you both so much I worked pretty hard on this one, I tried to make it look like we were mid fight with the Broken Vassal and it looked like one of us took a hit. I also looked up how a birds wings tucked in when diving to give Mix-ups wings the right shape :twilightsmile: I wanted to give him a Moth/Cricket kind of feel... but I do have to say Mix-ups Ponysona steals the looks trophy on this one :rainbowlaugh:

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