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Something Else I Just Remembered · 9:33pm Oct 25th, 2020

So, remember the purple ant vent? Yeah, me too. Well, I just remembered something that happened on like 4-5th grade. So, we had a four day and three night field trip to San Antonio and Austin (but mostly the former). On one of the restaurants we stopped at, I was very sleepy and was slipping in and out of consciousness every so often. Then, I guess I fell asleep with my head leaning back. Then, like the first day back, we had a power point playing of some of the pictures from it. And guess what picture was on it.

My sleeping head with straws and straw paper (and probably a few other things) in my mouth. My. Damn. Mouth. Do you know un-fucking-sanitary that is?! What the fuck?! Like, what the fuck did I do to you?! And like, no one even asked if I was okay! They all laughed. I felt like getting up and destroying that damn projector. But I played it off as a joke. But damn... that was a new level of embarrassing... fucking assholes...

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Mhm... I hate myself for not doing anything. That was some messed up shit...

People fucking suck.

Un-sanitary? Ah, you, people, are so thin-skinned.

Mhm. Like, you could’ve done that too anyone else. Why me?! Am I just the worldwide beating bag?

Man... if we went to the same school...

Fucking hold me back.

No. Go on a damn rampage

Wow. A-holes is right...

Gotta get used to un-sanitary conditions if you are serious about getting into the military. You are going to crawl through dirt on daily basis in boot camp and on exercises you are going to live in dirt, better start getting used to it.

On the other side though, I'd suggest you think really-really well if you ever want to have anything in common with the military. You wanting to honor your dad by following him there is a very respectable notion, but there are two things to consider here. First, one being that military breaks people. Some can't take the hardship, but those that do come through become something rather sorry, especially the actual veterans. I know a fair bit of veterans around my place. They are the kind of people who drop down on the ground in terror upon hearing fireworks and accidentally hit people upon hearing them make a sharp, unexpected sound. Not even mentioning psychological problems, soldiers lose their sanity very rapidly.
Another thing to consider is that your dad might not want you to honor him in this way. My father is a soldier too and he absolutely would not want me to follow in his footsteps. I don't have a choice, because the law dictates that every citizen is required to serve a term in the army, but he always told me that I should do anything I can to avoid it. Seeing what war did both to his body and his psyche makes me shudder.

War is forever. Once you see it, it is forever a part of you. You will never be able to live like you used to. Be very careful with what you do to yourself.

I had someone 'pants' me in gym... My underwear went with it...

:applejackconfused: damn... Though I would think it partly depends on WHERE in the military you get placed but... Yeah...

Not every one of us gets it nice in life. Some get to learn things they wish they never known. Listen to those who had less luck than you did and you just might avoid sharing their fate.

Comment posted by Changeling404 deleted Oct 25th, 2020


I'm sorry, what I meant to say is, true... Very true... I didn't meant to make that about me. Sorry.

Problems? That's an understatement if I ever heard one. My "problems" reach far beyond the matter of war. In fact, I'd struggle to name you a problem I didn't have. What is there on the most common list? Poverty? With a family like mine, you don't even need to live in significant poverty to go to sleep hungry. It doesn't matter how much money you have if your parents drink them away. What else is there? Violence? Criminal, family, or maybe school bullying? Been everywhere. Perhaps something more exotic? How about political unrest? I heard Americans had clashes with police lately. Your tackles look almost cute, your cops didn't even use live ammo much.
Basically, if you can name an issue one can have while growing up, I can tell you something about it.

Hmmm. I'm having trouble expressing what I mean to say.

But hey, I got something out of all of that in the end. I have a bad relationship with my Father, but he did not live me penniless. I suppose a soldier would know what honor is. I had enough money to pay for my education and to invest in real estate to have something to live off.

Hmm. I'm a bit of the opposite. My father was a drugged up drunk, but he was VERY respectful and caring. He tried to quit for my sake and it killed him. I moved in with a not so good of a drunk I didn't really know until I could get a job and rent a house.

I hope all that is good upon you, and may your fortunes smile upon you.

Oh, that is not going to happen yet. I have one unfinished business left. My Father may have been a nasty old asshole, but he never ran from his duty. He served in the military with honor and only quit because he suffered a crippling injury of his spine. I have a grudge to settle. It is required by law that I serve in the military and I await my time. The scum that hurt my people and my Father will bleed. It is easy to kill someone you hate and luckily for me, our enemies did everything they could to ensure all of us here hate them passionately and deeply.

It might not sound like much coming from a stranger on the internet that doesn't know the full truth of your situation... Do what you must. If there is anything in this world you love, even if it is just an idea, protect it with all you have. I wish only for you and your people to be as happy as you can be, even if America ever becomes your enemy at a fault of ours... I wish you luck!

Thah! America will never become our enemy, rest assured on this one. If you have any friends that'll stick with you no matter what you do, it will be us. You are a bunch a religious lunatics steadily sliding back in medieval, but you are the kind of lunatics we'll always have a common enemy with and that is the best guarantee of friendship there can be. Especially if you pull your head out of your ass and finally start cleaning up the mess that appeared in years you haven't been doing anything.

A lot of our current 'in-house' messes are caused by a handful of people who are unwilling or incapable of seeing both sides of the arguments or problems... People who hate the past so much they are harming our future. They will grow up... I hope... They stopped seeing other people as 'people' and started seeing them as problems.

I am not quite familiar with our 'out-of-house' problems. The news seems like it's half lies nowadays.

They have no choice. But it is not them who are at fault here. They did not elect themselves. You are the ones voting for them.
There is an unsurpassable rule of statecraft. The rulers will always reflect their people, be them, despots or democrats. Whoever has the power only has it because you gave it to them. Your problem is not governmental officials, your real problem is yourselves. Every, single, one of you is a part of the problem. Admitting that to yourselves is the only your situation can be resolved and you do not really have a choice in the matter. You can only deny a fact for so long before it becomes a bit too costly. Your problems will deteriorate until you have no other choice but to accept the truth. Or fade back into obscurity. That too is always an option as history indicates.

Oh, I am not speaking of the government or those kinds of problems.

I have talked to many people and they all are just trying to live their life as best they can with what they have. It's a handful of loud mouths that cause the problems I speak of.

You see, I actually don't have that much of an issue with my country, we are living good lives compared to some of the other parts of the world. Sure our system has flaws like every other, and some of our leaders have done terrible things, but our country grew fast and dragged the rest of the world into a different age of technology and progress, then we got lazy, arrogant, and ignorant... Then we 'woke up' from the 'American dream' and killed the rest of the dreams with it. Now we are depressed and angry, looking for someone to blame. So they blame 'humanity' in general and start treating everyone like crap. Then that caused a spiral of hatred that gets worse every day. Until we let it out, sometimes violently (riots).

Don't listen to me though, I'm just a foolish hypocrite... Again I wish nothing but the best for you, even though I don't know what its like. It's all I can do for now.

If you do not have issues with your country, you do not love it enough. Regardless of where you live.

As I said (but deleted) I am thankful for what I have, but I know it could be better if everyone worked together. But there is too much hate right now for that.

Also, I've heard from some that it's the people's fault for voting for bad people.
I've heard it's the government's fault for not giving worthy candidates.
I've heard it's everyone's fault.
I've heard it's no one's fault, it's just how it is.
I've heard it's the previous generations' fault.
I've heard it's the current generations' fault.
I've heard it's China's fault.
I've heard it's the plot of an alien species trying to wipe us out (Not kidding).
I've heard it's the fault of the hippies for spreading ridiculous BS into the world. (Kinda agree with that a little looking at the previous one...).
I've heard it's money's fault.
I've heard it's greed fault.
I think it's partly because we lost faith, in everything.

Hate is not that. There are much more hateful people than you in the world. Jews would be an example. Your current problem is responsibility, not hatred.

Sorry, was busy... Sigh, I don't know why I'm about to do this, you all probably have better things to do than listen to my BS... But if you don't HERE YA GO!

I'm not a psychologist, doctor, or historian. I'm just an average schmuck, but I like to share my point of view to, 'hopefully', make both of us think a least a little bit. and have a bit more human interaction because I've been fairly lonely for a while now I'm not trying to change your mind, just share mine. You have shared a fair bit, but I always go overboard at some point and do this... I don't know if I'll sound stupid to you or not but here we go!...

Jews? Hmmm... They have been screwed over since the dawn of time, almost literally. So I don't know if I'd blame them if they were. Anyway, I try not to talk about specific cultures or religions as I do not know the truth about their deep history or beliefs. I only know 1 jew, so I can't speak for, or about, their people. That's why I try to stay generalized in my statements.

The rest? Hmmm, maybe, but I see it like this... How to put it... Which came first, blame or hate? Either way, they spiral into each other and blind you to other possibilities. I think there are plenty of us who try to take responsibility as best they can. But ignorance, hate, and baseless blame rule the media and therefore the people who watch and read it.

I love people for the most part but we are easily manipulated, especially when ignorant or angry. Hate blinds more than anger, and ignorance makes you blind in the first place. All you need to do is say the right words about someone or something and BAM people will hate them and won't listen to anything else anymore. With the right words, you can make people hate governments, countries, cultures, other people, and even themselves. Then sit back while they tear each other apart without listening to reason.

Opinion-rant: Differences and Desires

(Warning, this is kinda long and random. Also, remember I'm just an American idiot. :raritywink: So don't take everything I say as truth, this is just an opinion. I try very hard not to sound arrogant or pretentious. Sometimes I come off as ignorant, and on some things I AM, but I do my best with the information I have.)

Different places have different cultures.
Different cultures have different morals and values.
That creates vast differences in people, as we were already so different from each other as it is.
That means there are different opinions out there that aren't necessarily right or wrong.
Some people even believe that there is no Right or Wrong only Need and Desire.

Where there are differences, there is conflict, and war is one BIG conflict. This is why we will NEVER be rid of it, even if the world was unified under one rule. Each side believing they are right, HOWEVER, they are judged not by war but by their atrocities committed on civilians, non-combatants, and PoWs... (Coughs Hitler)...

Desire is another reason for conflict.
Desire is a double-edged sword, some people have done wonderful things... and others have done TERRIBLE things out of desire. But what would humans be without it? Lazy, pointless, animals? Biological machines? Would it be better if we were just animals like in the rest of the world?

Heh... I dare you all to look up some of the messed up stuff animals do to each other. It's out of necessity, but there is a bug that rapes and kills its mate, and the children are born from her corpse... We don't need to do that to survive and that's just an insect, so it would be morally FU**ED up to us if a human were to do that. But again... Desire has some messed up people doing it for a thrill. But desire also has people who hunt those people down.

I HATE some of the things we do, but would I be the same if I were in their shoes, grew up like them, thinking their thoughts? I shudder to think of the person I could have been born as if the situation was different... But then I dream of what I could have been if I were smarter, or stronger. But I am me, for better or for worse. I must make do it with MY best. Some say that we are born equal in the eyes of God, but I know we are not born equally in the eyes of the World.

American politics:
All the media does any more, they just run smear campaigns on the other. I don't know who to vote for if I know only the bad things about them... I won't want to vote for either, THAT'S why we complain about them. It's not that they're bad, they do their best, it's that the bad is all the media is focused on because that's what is important to them.

It's amazing how the subject can get changed so hard it spirals out of the blogger's control. I've seen it, in this case been part of it, so many times... Hehe... :twilightblush:

Just like I said, it all comes to responsibility. If all of you, media, the establishment, common people, were responsible and were careful with the consequences of your actions, you'd never stoop down this low.
Hatred is not some poison that ruins everything. Hatred is a weapon. It is meant to hurt other people. When it starts hurting yourselves, that just means you are not using it responsibly. Simple as that.

Well, at least you are not naive enough to believe that war can ever go away. War is natural for humans, not because humans are bad, simply it is necessary. War is a product of human complacency and weakness. It happens not because anyone wants it to happen, but because there is no one willing and strong enough to stop it. There will never be a time when people won't grow complacent or weak-gutted, therefore war will remain with us forever. If there is a god that created us this way, it deserves a mouthful of spit into its face.

You have a point about responsibility, I guess it could play a big part, but I dont thing thats the main problem. At least not knowingly, they think they are responsible... hmm... I dont know... maybe, I'll think about it more but for now I'll stick with my current stance, and just add a bit of yours. I know I could be wrong, but... I still belive hate is a bit of a problem that blinds you to the consequences of your actions as well... maybe I'll bend and change it to misplaced hate... but, yeah... responsibility they dont take responsibility for their own actions and the actions they need to take. Accountability, they throw the blame around without care. Arrogance, they think the know everything because they have the internet. Then throw in a bit of Ignorance, they take almost all of what they see and hear as truth, and some if that info is wrong or lies. Hate, they hate a certain kind of person so much they don't want to belive the possibility of them, or someone else, being right.

hmm maybe it comes down to this? https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/think%20through

This will seem like a trivial topic compared to war but... Take SJWs for an example. They hate racism and bullies so much, some of them are trying to destroying entire livelihoods built around things like comedy. Then at some point, a lot of them BECAME racist bullies. Now a lot of Americans are becoming a bunch of thin-skinned cowards, who can't take a frickin joke and have to hide in thier 'Safe Space' anytime they are met with conflict of any kind. Or dont make jokes in the first place because they don't want to be called racist. Or don't go get a mate by traditional flirting because their afraid they will be called out for harassment, sexism, or objectification. Too many times do I hear "I hate people, people should just die and leave the world alone"

I don't like war. And I agree, some, maybe even a lot of wars could have been easily avoided if people were willing (coughs nam). But I don't think War, in general, is because we are too weak to stop it, how could we? That would require people to have no hate for the enemy, no need for any finite resources the enemy has, and for both sides to agree on each other's terms completely. It happens now and then through negotiation sometimes, but it won't work all of the time. I don't think it's weakness exactly. It requires too many different people, with vastly different ideas and beliefs to come to an agreement that will cost them all something. And if you want the people to stop the war, why would they if they have been convinced it's necessary. Look at pearl harbor, the American government wanted to war to help our allies and make money, but the people wanted to mostly stay out of the war. Until one day they bombed one harbor because we wanted to help our friends, then we went full-on "give them hell" mode.

War is about beliefs and resources (especially land). And some just can't/won't compromise or they think it will defeat the entire point of why they are going after it. The only way we can end War is to end human individuality. To destroy the differences between us and then unify us under one mind. A few people would actually WANT that. It's in a bunch of movies and games for a reason, it's been a debate for a long time about what is 'best' for humanity.

I believe hatred is a problem MOST of the time, I think anger is the weapon you speak of. Righteous anger!

Also, I know a lot of people who think this way so I know its not all of them, I think I'd depends on where you live, it sometimes feels like most of California is disconnected from the real world.

Why, SJWs are no trivial matter, for they illustrate exactly why war is necessary. War isn't some natural disaster that just happens. War is fought by people, if people simply refuse to fight, there is no war. And the history knows such precedents. Do they teach you the history of the Second World War in depth these years? What we are interested in specifically is the Eastern Front. First off, do not believe what officials say, especially if they are Russian. The truth about the Eastern Front is that there's nothing true about it. All sides were warping reality in their records. However, there are still facts, something that cannot be warped. Soviet-Finish War, Talvisota or Winter War is a very particular historical incident. Tiny Finland, with its population at a time being comparable to the modern-day New-York city, won against the Soviet Union and did so crushingly enough for the Finish Army to have more supplies at the end of the war than what they started it with. The Casualty rate is 4 to 1. What makes this statistic even more awe-inspiring is when you take into consideration the technological levels of both militaries. The Soviet Union, at the start of the War, had by the humblest estimations 2 500 tanks and 3 880 aircraft with Fins only having 38 tanks and 114 aircraft. I am not even starting to talk about artillery. When you see the raw numbers it is completely impossible to imagine how Finland would not get overrun and occupied in a few months at most.
But there's even more depressing statistics, namely the 41st year. Now, I am warning you in advance because the numbers I have for this part are going to sound like I am pulling your leg at the best of cases, but I swear, I got them from an esteemed military historian by the name of Mark Solonin. First, let's compare casualties. Finding the correct numbers is next to impossible, but when Mister Solonin added up all casualties he could find he got the number of 22 to 1 against USSR. No more, no less. The casualty numbers of the Soviet army would look like complete nonsense in any other part of the world, but it's USSR we are speaking about. On the Western front, the best of Luftwaffe aces managed to score dozens of aerial kills, on the Eastern Front though the numbers are in hundreds each. But the most dramatic is of-course the ground forces. Now, I am going to tell you straight that there wasn't a single battle where for one German soldier there were 22 dead Soviet ones, it's not how 20th-century combat works. It's much more prosaic. The Red Army simply refused to fight. They dropped their tanks, rifles and uniforms, and just went home. There were entire columns of the newest tanks just standing on the roads abandoned. Some MILLIONS of them just surrendered to Germans, other untold millions deserted, some were never found again. For example from the start of the war, the southern aviation command has reported 500 planes from those stationed in Crimea simply as gone. They weren't Missing in Action, there were just gone, nobody knew where. One day there were there, on the other they were already gone. The only reason why Soviets finally got their guts together is that Stalin made it so that after the conscription your life was pretty much over. The only thing left to do is to choose how you die, you could die gloriously and at least have your name remembered, or you could die by your own comrades' hands as a deserter. Soviets had special regiments existing solely to exterminate retreating soldiers. This is what it took to make the Soviet man to fight. If it wouldn't have been done, the Germans would've won on the Eastern Front.

Some wars were important enough that the world wouldn't be the same if they weren't fought.

As for the history warping... yep.

And finally I'm going to end this conversation in this blog with 2 sayings and a thankyou
One popular one for war...
In war, it doesn't matter who is right, only who is left. History is written by the victors.

And one I made for life...
Life is too short to be sad all the time, and too long to be angry all the time.

Thank you for the conversation, and agian, I hope you and your people have things go your way as much as it can.

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