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My Title Of The Reboot Oliver Fanfic (With A Possible Crossover) · 4:05am Oct 25th, 2020

At the moment, I'm not kickstarting the first chapter immediately. I'm still working on my videos and refuse to pressure myself in a writing mood. Other then the Snowdrop story being published next month, this is probably the only story I'm gonna focus on during my time on this website. Anyway here's the title and the descriptions about the story itself.

Into The Open Life

Short Description: Oliver, a sad eight year old child from an orphanage gets adopted when a teenage girl shows him the life from where she spends her life.

Long Description: Oliver had the worst childhood during the last three years of his life. He keeps getting left behind by child neglected people who adopted him, causing his trauma to get worse when he heads back to the orphanage, and the hunting memory of both of his parents getting murder at the age of five.

But then she met a young teenage girl who felt shocked when she found out about his dark past. Not only it hit her hurt but never imagine out of all the kids she met at the orphanage, he had the worst of them all. She took matters into her own hands by adopting Oliver, helping him from his emotional trauma while giving him the life he deserves.

This is a reboot to the two stories I wrote in 2018. Poor Boy's Greatest Saviors & Honorary Dreams.

The only minor thing I can do right now is making the cover art of the story. Also (This maybe unusual but...) I might want this as crossover with Equestria Girls and We Bare Bears. Why? (And with somewhat of an explanation of how two shows met?), because I actually want to do a We Bare Bears story with the cast of likable characters it has. You can comment down below if it's alright with you, that way I will make changes with making in both descriptions. I might add Steven Universe but for how my last story was, It's a fifty percent chance it might happen.

Anyway, I hope this will be an improvement over the last two stories I did two years ago. Believe me, There's not a lot I've learned back then during the first drafts in most of the chapters.

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