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The Planning Stage · 7:01am Oct 24th, 2020

It's been some kind of week, I'm really hating asynchronous classes, but now the exam hell is over. I can finally dive back into my planning for what I'm writing!

I often overdo it with planning, to the point where I never really get started with anything... but I want to change that this time! I feel really motivated, and I know this is a story I really want to tell. I get these relatively decently sized documents ready with different ideas and story bits and backstories and character explanations, but I never felt like I had the time to finish them. To be quite honest, I let gaming take hold of me. I never felt like I should be spending too much time on writing because I needed to practice and play, luckily I don't feel that way anymore.

As for how it's going, I have about 2 full pages filled with just thematic ideas and conflicts, so I'm feeling really good about telling a compelling, interwoven, multifaceted story. I have no idea how long I want to make it yet, or really how I want to hit those story beats, but I can tell it's not gonna be something I write overnight. I guess my next step is transferring those main ideas into scene ideas, and then I'll go about connecting them. Like, specifically building up all of those conflicts as "separate" storylines first, but then using the framework of the story to combine them. Because it is going to be about gaming, I want to give it proper justice, there are a lot of components of this story that'll hit close to home for me, so I know it'll take time to get just right. To be honest, I don't even have a story name yet, but I also feel like that's one of the things that should come after most of the story is written anyways.

The other thing I'm worried about is actually writing about the gameplay. I would imagine it would be just like writing sports things, right? If so, I would need to look more into that. Would it be more like writing an action scene? I feel like it wouldn't transfer over well, but I guess that's part of the fun challenge of writing, eh? I'm not too worried about my dialogue writing, I feel like I always have a good grasp on characterizing and interacting. I to gather some people who would look it over when it's done, so hopefully I can iron out all of my wonky stuff.

This also won't be seeing the light of day until I am in a position where I am confident that I can work enough to produce weekly chapters. Since I don't even know how many chapters I will be writing, I have no idea when I will start posting it. Could be three months for all I know! But really, I won't be rushing this. "A late game will be good eventually, a rushed game will be bad forever." -Mashed Potato LotsoFries

Alright it's late and I have a Valorant match tomorrow, which I've barely played all week. For those of you who read these, Catch you on the Flipside!
~Techno Flare

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