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For you guys that need a laugh. · 12:14pm Oct 21st, 2020

Hope you guys are staying healthy. Laughter is the best medicine.

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Heehee! Rwby has a lot of laughs to enjoy, even if the show itself isn't perfect in a lot of ways. ^c^

Can't agree more. Even with the more somber tone the show has most of the time, it has that certain silly way of subverting the sheer despair of a doomed world. Well, mostly doomed. I'm certain something will eventually turn all of that around and grant that poor world that happily ever after. Hopefully.

...if I have to, I'll threaten Roosterteeth with torches and pitchforks to make it happen. I hate sad endings.

Ez solution: Yeet Salem into the sun.

Well... that is one solution. Crispy witch that can't die? Yikes. That is really cruel. :S

One, she is the cruelest being to exist on Remnant aside from the grimm.
Two, shw can't be contained in any way available to anyone on Remnant.
Three, she would be a very crispy witch for a long time. Long enough that if she were to find her way back, humanity and faunus kind would have advanced enough either to contain her or put her to sleep.

Yeah. But still... punting her into the sun might be a bit excessive. How about ripping open a hole into the universe and shoving her into that? There is no way she could ever find her way back to a specific universe in an infinite sea of universes. ;D

Granted, but they'd have to have the tech for that.

I can think of a few universes where she's far from strong in any way...

Who says anything about technology? ;)

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