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Techie's Tech Museum is now open! · 5:00am Oct 21st, 2020

I've only set up a limited number of pages so far, but feel free to check it out over at https://museum.themajortechie.com/!

Right now, clicking on the description text for the images only gives you a 404 error, but when I get around to it, we'll be seeing detail pages with even more hi-res photos!

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Yay, tech museum!


--Sweetie Belle

Ooh! Is that your collection?

Well, I probably have some other old technology around too. But those two are a 6502 and a 68B09E processor I got not that long ago, and I got some breadboards and wires and switches and resistors and leds and things so I can play with them. I think it'd be neat to do some stuff like Ben Eater does over on youtube, though since I don't really know what I'm doing, I'm kinda worried about accidentally frying them and haven't done anything with 'em yet.

The 6502 was used in lots of things, like Apple II's, and the 68B09E was used in the TRS-80/Tandy CoCo line of computers!

Part of me thinks it'd be really neat to actually make a computer, but I'm not sure I'm good enough with electronics to get far...

--Sweetie Belle

Yup! I'm actually planning on eventually complementing as many museum entries as possible with Youtube vids myself! For now though, I'm planning on just making detailed description/photo pages for each entry, as well as links to any relevant wikis.

I've actually been kinda surprised how many videos there are on youtube of people taking a z80 or a 6502 processor or similar and making a whole mini computer around it that runs basic. Output tends towards composite or serial output hooked up to a usb converter.

I saw people that had made computers that ran dos from scratch, too!

Doing a museum with youtube vids and pictures sounds fun too, though.

I'm partially regretting not having any computers that actually ran these chips any more. I do have things like a palm pilot, a nook, and there's this thing...


--Sweetie Belle

Shit, this reminds me of my geocities days. Good shit man.

Oh! Want to see a more recent clusterfuck? Check out Ponytones.com

Before I bought the domain I'm currently using, the site actually used to be hosted by neocities, in fact. That old site's still up, though I've been using it instead to test new features for my main site instead of actually hosting anything major: https://themajortechie.neocities.org/

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