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  • Sunday
    A Matter of Interest has been updated

    Only the first chapter has been updated, but that might be fine, as it was the worst offender with being out of sync with the rest of the Strangerverse. I was wrong as revisions; what it needed was a substantial rewrite. Some of it was ok; most of it needed to be redone.

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  • Sunday
    A rare day off

    And I may will be spending a fair portion of it editing A Matter of Interest. I chanced to try reading it again today, and it is now so horribly out of sync with the Strangerverse that is basically bad fan fiction of my bad fan fiction.

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  • 18 weeks
    Sometimes I look at the world around me

    And find it very hard not to feel like I'm the only one who has any control over their emotions.

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  • 50 weeks
    Collection results

    And so, having received exactly zero responses, I am left wondering if the poll was actually working. Nonetheless, the selection of stories is now left entirely up to me.

    Good luck, everyone!

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  • 51 weeks
    Story collection

    The collection of myths, legends (urban or otherwise) and ghost stories for The Things in the Dark Places has begun. You can submit the one(s) you'd like to see here: Add your answer

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New story is progress · 2:40pm Oct 19th, 2020

A while back, I mentioned the possibility of a follow-up to By the Light of the Fire that followed a more experimental format. I have officially started work on it. The primary concept is this: Apple Bloom, needing to understand what she saw just beyond the light of the fire (and hopefully proving once and for all that she imagined it), sets out into the greater world to seek an answer by tracking down and investigating the ghost stories, legends, and tall tales that ponies tell each other about the things they thought they saw. The experimental part is this: You, the People, will supply the list of ghost stories, legends, and tall tales she'll be investigating (a survey to collect responses will be forthcoming soon), and then once the story is underway, you, the People, will vote to decide which of these spooky things she will go to investigate next.

This will likely not be ready in time for Halloween, and there's no way it will be finished by Halloween except perhaps by next Halloween, and will be ongoing throughout the year (I'm working through some personal issues right now, and one way in which I approach those is by pursuing projects, so this may be a good option; we'll see).

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Well, is the right time of year to delve into horrow. Hopefully the experiment goes well!

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