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  • 24 weeks
    My Very Last Blog Post - Goodbye

    As of now, I think the time has come to finally abandon my Fimfiction page. I don't particularly want any involvement in the MLP community any longer and I hold no interest in continuing to be an active member. While my page remains open to everyone, I've logged out permanently and don't think I'll return to it or use it again. No more blogs, no more stories, no related content - it's over.

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  • 24 weeks
    I'm never going to be the person that... (Facts of life)

    I'm never going to be the person who goes out drinking with friends in the pub at the end of the week,
    I'm never going to be the person to enter a stable relationship,
    I'm never going to be the person to cry for those who won't cry for me,
    I'm never going to be the person who gives up over a little tough break,

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  • 25 weeks
    Either stay or leave. Don't play me about.

    If you're staying, stay.

    If you're playing around with me, kindly fuck off. I'm not in the mood.

    Either follow or don't follow. It really is that simple. Make up your mind already.

    Thank you. :ajsleepy:


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    Need a distraction from your low mood? Here's an old photo of my guinea pig :3

    Because I'm sad and because my guinea pig is an adorable fwubby enchanted squeaking potato, here's Oscar laying down and snuggling into his brother, Guinness's guinea bum. Don't ask why he did that, just look at how cute he's being. Requires all the ear rubs. Should have called him Sir Purrsalot. 🐹

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  • 25 weeks
    ''Applejack, are you gay?'' French Translation - if you're interested.

    Back when I introduced this story a few years ago, I was approached by a French Translator called Rainbowsoarin007 and they requested me to allow them to turn my story into a French translation for viewers in that part of the world and those who speak it.

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10 Years Later - All Those Years of Friendship, How Did It Help You Grow as a Person? · 12:33am Oct 19th, 2020

10 Years...wow. The show coming to an end was a sad, sad day for MLP fans worldwide. I'm not going to go on with that ''don't cry because it's over'' cliché, but the opposite. MLP taught us all valuable life lessons and how to be better people, how to be more connected and in-tune with ourselves and others.

I'm wondering, how exactly did it help you out, in any way? It can be personal or emotional. Did it help bring you peace and meaning into your life?

In my case, it brought me to some wonderful individuals who sadly aren't around here anymore. I owe them so much, but can't tell them how much I appreciate them. But finding this fandom was quite odd for me. I'd heard of it before, seen a few snippets of it around the internet, which comes as no surprise. A friend over on Steam introduced me. Fun fact: I HATED MLP at first, but it grew on me. I wouldn't watch a clip without turning away and scoffing. And I ended up staying for the entire duration. Quite a surprise, right?

So, that's the summary on my end: it brought me some peace, gave me some insight on how to fix my life through simple messages and morals, introduced me to an absolute tonne of creative and talented fandom members and it brought me joy. Proud to have served within the community, even if by today's standards I have left it behind to start anew. :rainbowkiss::pinkiehappy::yay::heart:

Your turn! What did MLP do for you?

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I have a blog post about this, but essentially, it warmed me up to the LGBT+ Community through Octascratch. In addition, it’s made me try and live my life being the best person I can be.

I’m younger, and have only been a fan for a few years, so I don’t have any particular problems it helped me solve, but the above stuff is very true.

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