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All things I've doing were meaningless. I can't. I just can't.

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  • 3 weeks
    I've tried to write, but it didn't work. Old me have died.

    What just happened?... Writing makes me tired. Whenever I sit down to create anything, I feel strong powerlessness. I can't write anymore. I can no longer create good stories. I have lost that talent. So... What else can I do but quit? This is sad because the writing was the only thing I could really do, other than play games on my laptop. The thing that made me feel... Like someone. Someone of

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    I've decided to draw a demon from The Chosen One

    Still in progress. The base of a demon's face were a face of Willem Dafoe

    Waddya think guys?

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  • 6 weeks
    So I've decided to draw a demon from The Chosen One

    Still in progress. I've decided that the base of demon's face will be a face of a Willem Dafoe.

    What do ya think guys?

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    Episode I weren't so good. So... How about remake? (A light in the dark tunnel of depression)

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  • 12 weeks
    I'm leaving

    What can I say more. I lose. I completly lose my mind. I want cry, scream and punch the wall with my fists all the time. I've become shit for my friends, family. This is the end. I've died inside. I'm sorry.

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So, I decided to inform you about important things · 1:44pm Oct 16th, 2020

First, from now on, chapters of the stories will appear, if I write them at all. And I will write, if I feel like it at all, because... I do not want to force myself. Forcing myself was devastating for me, it was very bad for me and it was only when I took this break that I understood it. Apparently, I needed to think about it all. I don't want to force myself either, because... I don't want to hate writing and I want future chapters to be just good. To be honest, I forced myself to write The Demon's Child, and... You know, you probably like these chapters, but I think they could have been better. I wasn't myself when I was writing them, I was forcing myself to do it and I regret it terribly.

Another thing... The last days are not the best. My days at school and the practice are very hard, I come back practically every day tired and have no strength for anything, sleep problems, and one of my best friends parted with me because he said that our relationship has recently become shitty. Well, he was right. Lately, we had less contact with each other and everything has been going downhill. It happened so suddenly, but... Maybe that's better. Maybe if I talked to him, then... Either it would hurt less, or we would argue and then it would hurt like hell. And I wouldn't like that very much. A sudden parting is better than a slow one in anger and hatred, which can hurt for years.

Anyway, cya later, my dears.

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Its okay Wingy! You ought to save your energy as smart as its possible!

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