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Random Ramblings CDVI · 9:30am Oct 15th, 2020

But, since I don't, have some PassCode covering Bring Me The Horizon.

Obviously the language barrier hurts them, but I think PassCode's arrangement is better. More beyond the jump!

Okay, so, just for comparison's sake, here's BMTH's original from 2018:

I sincerely hope BMTH become aware of PassCode and support them just like they already super-stan Babymetal.

Every member of Bring Me The Horizon is a HUGE fan of Babymetal, to the point that lead singer Oli Sykes went on a drunken rant last August during their set at a Japanese music festival about how everyone should support them. Babymetal's backup singer Moa Kikuchi said she was a BMTH fan back in 2016. Four years later, they've collaborated on a song, which probably makes Moa happy. It doesn't take a lot to make Moa happy to be honest. As long as she gets to stay by Suzuka's side she doesn't seem to need much else besides food.

Much as I'd be tempted to plow Moa -- because she's an adult now and I love a girl who can literally kick my ass -- I'd refrain because feeding her would be cost-prohibitive; girl is famous for her appetite. Of course it's the Oriental girl who stands all of five feet tall who has the bottomless stomach. Granted she's also a professional dancer, so you can't totally blame her for needing a lot of calories to live.

My original plan for this blog was to post some BRATS, but I saw that I'd failed to show y'all PassCode's latest awesomeness.

One of the things that really fucking sucks about living in the USA right now -- besides being in the middle of election season and thus at the mercy of GOP shenanigans to keep Brown people and Students from being able to vote -- is that we're also a disease ridden hellhole that very few international outfits are comfortable shipping shit to.

I ordered some stuff from Japan back in the summer and it's been over a month since I had it shipped out. Because EMS has USA on its blacklist and for some reason the DHL option didn't work, I had to ship it the slow way -- probably on a fucking boat crossing the Pacific and landing in Long Beach where the container will sit for weeks before my stuff finally gets accepted by USPS (if at all) and makes its way to my house -- they DID say to expect a 60-day wait. Doesn't mean I'm happy about it since there are a few things in that order, like this year's Sakura Gakuin photobook, that are already out-of-print.

Sakura Gakuin was hit so bad by Japan's overreaction to COVID that they're shutting it down in just under a year. It gives me a sad, partly for me, but also for the six remaining girls who won't get to graduate naturally. There are two reactions to Sakura Gakuin -- you either don't get it, or you instantly fall in (parental?) love with these underage girls and vow to do everything in your power to support them. Obviously I have a soft spot for cute things -- if I didn't, why the fuck would I be posting stories to this site? -- so something like Sakura Gakuin was right up my alley. When I heard they would shut the whole thing down in 2021 after eleven years, it felt like someone ripped my heart right out of my ribcage and then threw it on the floor and stomped on it 'til I died.

Aiko is Best Girl. She's almost 18 now, so I can feel marginally less guilty about perving over her. I do respect her as a hard worker and musician, and I'll admit even if she could speak more than basic English I probably wouldn't get along well with her because her interests are so different from mine. Compare that to Aiko's frienemy Megumi, who is a massive history buff (like me). Yes she's gorgeous and has a great ass from years of being a dancer, but I'd honestly just want to pick her brain about history.

October is the month four years ago that my longtime girlfriend dumped me after eight years. She dropped off the radar about a year ago; none of her other friends knows what happened. It's not normal, and it's not healthy. She should have been writing fanfic for a My Little Pony fansite, giving her an incentive to prove to others she's still alive. Fuck, I miss her. In what was her room now lives my mother. Sure the food's better, but the expectations are higher. Like, I'm expected to leave my bed every once in awhile. Just let me wallow, woman!

I was just thinking about this tonight, and I guess I technically do have a job -- it's making sure other people are doing THEIR jobs. You may believe that doesn't require any skills, and you'd be correct, but to do such a job right it helps to know everything about everything within legal boundaries.

I wanted to do another short story in the style of one of this site's infamously bad writers like I did before, but it's been so long since I read his shit that I can't find the groove. Sorry, District Attorney Pinkie Pie.

Have I mentioned tonight/this morning that I really fucking hate Donald Trump? Well, I do. While Ol' Uncle Joe Biden is far from perfect, I hope he beats the everloving tar out of Trump so I can quit writing stories about his pony-equivalent Orangeglow -- at least in the present tense. He remains dead in the EQG-verse but is VERY important to Sci-Twi''s backstory because it's partly through him (unlike the real Trump, Orangeglow does actually have some amount of wealth) that Sci-Twi begins to discover the Truth about her Universe. I've already alluded to this Truth in some of my stories. Hint: It ain't pretty, and involves two characters' deaths (not Orangeglow, as he died outside the scope of the main-line story).

Well, I'm nearing a half-hour mark, which means I'd better wrap it up. It's also after 4am here, and I have rules about imbibing of the demon liquor -- can't do it between 4am & Noon, because that's just excessive.

With my dad now dead, I had to kill of Night Light too. Twilight needs to suffer. At least she has a brother; I had to deal almost alone. Fuck the aftermath. Well, more time to write now. Look forward to it!

Peace out.

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Oof, many huggles. :( This year's just been pretty shitty all around more often than not hasn't it? :V I forget if you remember but this is Fearshatter btw.

I know who you are. :raritywink: I like your new handle better TBH. As for me, well, my handle has been my handle on nearly every website for over a decade. Sometimes I may have to add underscores or a number (usually 42 because I'm a big Douglas Adams fan and by coincidence it's half of 84, the year I may have been born).

I just realized I was so busy doing stuff a month ago I totally forgot to do my annual "It's my birthday and I'm getting drunker" post. LOL.

D'aww than kyou. :) I like this handle a lot too. <3 It's far more interesting, it's also a portmanteau and a pun. Of anomalous, anonymous, and lax. It's really good to see you. :) And that's cute. ;)

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