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"I still can't wait to lose my virginity conquering Poland with Goldenwing." - /mlp/

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Chapter 24, New Audiobook!, and CK3 · 10:25pm Oct 14th, 2020

Hello, again! If any of you have been concerned for me since my last blog, apologies, but I really don't like posting blogs when I don't have actual content on hand. Everything's fine—though it would have been very funny if I was one of the four total deaths from Hurricane Sally—aside from me now having to walk my dog more because the fence in the back is gone.

In story news, I've just finished the draft for chapter 24, clocking in at just under 10k words, and it's even already been reviewed by one of my editors. It just needs a couple more eyes to be ready, so I think I can confidently say it'll come out this Friday. Whoo!

But more importantly than that, some of you—ideally most of you—may remember the wonderful audiobook Skijaramaz made for Empty Horizons. After a five month break, he's ready to being production of the audiobook for Sunken Horizons! If you subscribe to his Patreon—and really, he does deserve it at his quality level—you can listen to it at the same time I do, every Thursday and Friday, starting tomorrow!

And if you can't afford that, then you can expect it to come out on his YouTube channel next week. Again, the extra elements of his voice work and Noc's soundtrack adds so much to the experience of the story, and I am just so hype to hear some of my favorite scenes from the story brought to life like this. Even if SH is a bit slower than EH, I feel like it just makes the more climactic moments all the more epic!

I started playing Crusader Kings 3, too, which has sapped far too much time from me. I gotta say, the Xbox Game Pass does kinda seem like a pretty great deal. I've already united all of Scandinavia—mostly on accident, mind you, when my mother died and bequeathed Sweden to me—and have instated myself as head of the reformed Norse religion. My current plan is to try and abduct the Pope, and see if I can convert him! Maybe then the fucker will stop sending crusades after me.

Anywho, that's all for now! We're very close to the end of SH here, and I've also had some preliminary discussion and planning of a short, collaborative story I hope to write with another author I'm rather fond of. Something like a space western, but maybe with airships? We'll see.


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