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Impulsive · 9:10pm Oct 13th, 2020

Oculus stood in the middle of the empty donut shop, conversing with Donut Joe himself. "Thanks for letting me borrow all this cinderblock for my next show, dude. Heheh, not sure why you've got so many of these in the first place..."

Joe chuckled, handing Oculus the duffel bag full of breezeblocks. "It's no problem."

Oculus looked around, realizing that his best friend had come with him to pick up the supplies needed. "Hey, where's Bez...?"

The cream-colored unicorn only passed over a box of donuts, with what looked like changeling blood stains on the box. He winked at him, saying, "Heheh, she ain't so far from ya..."

The changeling didn't reply as his eyes widened in realization. Then, he took the duffel bag in his aura, swinging it at a strong left and knocking Joe to the side. Then, he immediately swung the opposite direction, striking Joe with the weighted bag one more time over. The unicorn fell, groaning in pain.

Oculus loomed over him, duffel back still in his grasp. Breath obscured and shaky, filled with unbridled rage.

"Dude, stop!" Oculus turned as he saw Bezier rushing from the kitchen. "It was just a prank!"


"Ugh.... oof....." Donut Joe winced, turning on the floor until he finally went unconscious.

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Comments ( 13 )

Ok, cupcakes pranks are a no-go. No matter who you are.

Yep... Hopefully it won't ruin Oc's reputation...

True that. Joe learned the hard way.

Mhm. That's really gonna stick with him.

He broke the first rule of a prank.

Never use donuts!

Nope, it won’t affect his reputation whatsoever.

Can’t say the same for Bez’s, unfortunately.

Bruh :rainbowlaugh:

Joe learned the hard way.

Yep... Oculus'll be holding a grudge.

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