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  • 8 weeks
    Possibly not dead

    So it's been a very long time... Stuff happened IRL.

    Now I'm finally begining to have more free time. However I have to admit I may have run into a brick wall with "Arrival at Dusk". I had ideas but felt restrained somehow.

    So I let my imagination run wild and that's what I got:


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  • 212 weeks
    Drawings in Arrival

    It seems the host of the drawings I used in the "Arrival at Dusk" kicked the bucket? Anyone knows a stable host site, as FimFiction doesn't play nice in any way with google drive when it comes to drawings (shame imho)?

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  • 266 weeks
    Current state of things

    Hi there everyone! I'm writing this short blog post to explain a few things about the current state of my "writing-time" and why it looks like that... As I feel this long break demands an explanation.

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  • 343 weeks
    Not dead, just busy...

    Well the title of this blog should say it all, really. Real life went into overdrive for a long while killing my muse.

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  • 445 weeks
    A quick reflection

    So as you probably saw I posted a new story... silly me, I know. However this idea just wouldn't go away so I decided to do something with it. Concerning the Apprentice of the Stars, it's coming, this time it really will be this Sunday.

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Only a... bit... longer. · 7:18am Nov 26th, 2012

The next chapter of my story will be probably up in two to three weeks, if real life is kind enough to let me sort my things out that fast.

Again, sorry for the long break.

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Life comes before ponyfic. I know how things are, and life is a cruel, unforgiving mistress, whom we must all love and tolerate to our ends.

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