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Launching a New Project · 9:00pm Oct 9th, 2020

Hello again, Fimfiction, long time no post. I've got something you might find entertaining.

Some years back I wrote a couple of blog posts reviewing several stories based on a coin flip: heads I wrote a positive review, and tails I wrote a negative one. It was a little thought experiment for myself on the assumption that if a reviewer knew what they were talking about, they could talk up or downplay anything they came across.

Well, I've altered that formula a bit now. Earlier this week I launched a new blog: The Last Line of Defense.

To put it simply, I'm watching bad movies. You know what I mean: the stinkers, the bombs, the punchlines, that glorious territory of "So bad it's good." However, I'm going into each movie with an open mind, because my goal is to talk about what they did right instead of dumping on them all over again.

There's no coin flip, and no, it's not even pony related, but it is going to be my honest opinions of storytelling that I cultivated from my experience writing here. After all, what fun is there in studying nothing but the masterpieces? Sometimes you can learn from trying to figure out why something fell apart the way that it did.

Whether I find any hidden gems lost in time (which I believe I have) or if I run across anything I can't defend (which I certainly have...) I think there are lessons to be learned that can help make me a better storyteller. I hope you'll come along for the ride.

I'll be updating weekly, and I just launched as I said, so there's only one review up at the moment. But my, oh my, I think I picked a doozy:

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Author Interviewer

oh my :D

Hee! I'm glad you've got this out.

Awesome. Can't wait to find out which Paul Blart mall cop is best

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