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    Follow the tragic tale of the Spy, as he infiltrates Equestria's government and faces many challenges. Get to know him better: is he disgusting? At times he'd like to be ashamed of himself... to have friends... So what is his problem?
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Story status update: "Spy", chapter 8! Right before MLP:FIM's anniversary! · 1:10am Oct 9th, 2020

My apologies...

It has been 7 months since "The Spy" has last updated... It has been 7 months since March...

It's October, right? And... ten years ago!.. ponies first aired! Yay :yay:!

It is the night before the 9-th of October of 2020! One day left till "Friendship is magic"'s anniversary :pinkiehappy:! And! It'll have been ten years since it aired! Ten years ago, on the tenth of October of twenty-ten!.. And with a season yearly!.. What will Hasbro please us with?! Maybe, with the tenth season :pinkiehappy:?!

...Wait, do they produce it, or did they relax and are they resting :rainbowhuh:?.. News are in the air... Can it end? Can it?!

Well, they had better have done so, when I was first introduced to ponies! I thought, there were only four seasons... I was OK with that... But then... the fifth season was announced! Yay, the show was ongoing! And it -- must go on :flutterrage:!

So far I have acknowledged only the first six seasons... Then I decided to rewatch the show...

But, well, "The Spy" would not leave me! He demanded to be written! And I said to myself: "I'll reward myself with MLP:FIM, when I release the chapter!" And, honestly, it has helped me to persist in my writing. I... just wanted it to be to hell with the story and wanted to do something... else. To make a video game... To watch movies... To take my part-time job easy... But I told myself: "No, no ponies for me, until I finish 'The Spy'!"

So now here it is. The eighth chapter of "The tale of the Spy"!

Ah, so emotionally exhausting!.. Something must be done!..

Now I may -- finally! -- reward myself with ponies!!! I'm going to arrange a great rewatch! Season one -- START!

I must also update "Daring Do"... Worry you not! I'll do that. Shortly. Writing emotional tales is... hard. Deal with me :twilightsheepish:.

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