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I'm CreepyPastaSalad and Sensuous Sonority on YouTube, and I perform audio readings.

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This wonderful month rolls upon us once again · 6:22pm Oct 3rd, 2020

Alas, once again, I find myself in no position to offer a contribution, 'though I regret having to report so.

While I had intended and expected to get to work on audio readings sometime this year, I have not. As I've previously mentioned, I simply find myself with healthier alternatives for spending my time. Still, I regularly consider it. If I didn't relish a couple other hobbies I've picked up so much, audio reading would be much closer to action

I hope those of you who still remain here are well and prospering despite the contagion. I know I should be checking in on you more often than I have. :applejackunsure:

As for updates on me, I have been well. My data entry work continues, although my duties at work have increased while my hours have not. I do not say this begrudgingly; I've found that work has left me idle and have picked up more responsibilities to fill in some of the time during the evenings. Against my expectations, I hope my employer recognizes my commitment.

I started going for counseling now that my speech therapy is finished. It has been a net positive, I feel, although progress is slow as our sessions have been, on average, three weeks apart. I am hoping this avenue will help weed out some of my bad paths of thought, continue my building of social skills, and help mend my shaken aplomb.

I have decided to resume the harmonica, after 15 years of leaving it on the shelf after my 2nd-grade talent show. Back then, I didn't understand the instrument and had next to no musical inclination or grasp of theory. Now, I have just the first bit to worry about. My old one is a Bluesband 10-hole diatonic tuned in C. I have mapped out all the notes on it. While it's no pentatonic instrument, it is very difficult to play something that sounds "wrong" on it, considering that it is virtually incapable of playing minor. I also have scarce few music sheets for songs in C major. Consequently, I have bought a number of harmonicas in other tunings, plus a 12-hole chromatic harmonica that might serve me better.

I've had some funny ideas about possibly playing some music for my channel using the harmonicas. The style would be like early stop motion videos by MysteryGuitarMan, although I don't have the camera or software capabilities to make the stop motion visuals work. I was thinking of attempting at first chorale-type pieces for which I can obtain the music for free online. I could/probably would have to supplement notes from lower voice parts with my own voice as the harmonica doesn't play particularly low.

On a little randomer note, the quarantine has given me the opportunity to try having my head shaved. My scalp suffers from constant itchiness, probably due to the thickness of my hair holding the oil to my skin, and having my hair extremely short has left my head the most soothed it has ever been in waking memory. However, it doesn't exactly help my appearance. :twilightsheepish:

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sounds like your keeping busy. That can be hard to do these days.

Excellent to hear from you, good sir!

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I'm glad you're all still out there. :twilightsheepish: What's new?

Oddly enough, I am. I find, in fact, that a lot of my activities nowadays are not as soul-sucking as mine were in college. Again, I'm left reflecting on how I hated editing for my readings yet did them as often as I could because my alternative activities were so few and less rewarding.

I believe I’m similar to you. Just working sitting in a cubicle working and bored most of the day. Glad to see you seem to be doing decent. Went on a 3 week long road trip all the way to California and all over the western USA in June and July, it was very fun as all my road trips are, but that’s about the only exciting thing I’ve done this year. Just work work work the grind from Monday-Friday for me. I’ve been reduced to just a lurker here on fimfiction for a while now. Coming up on two years since I got banned for being an immature idiot but I’m still here so there’s that I guess xD.

Yeah, and the work counts for something. You're contributing to society. Even in my data entry work, I find something ennobling about doing work that various people at various levels couldn't be bothered to do. That, in turn, allows them to focus on important aspects of their jobs that I may not be equipped to handle.

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