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It's called garbage can, not garbage can't.

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1 Month Reminder for 'Change of Pace' · 5:28pm Oct 2nd, 2020

You've got just under a month left, boys and girls!

If this is the first time you've heard about this contest (with, I remind you, £100 prize money for first place!), then check it out here! If not, then get cracking! I will be supremely grumpy if I have to give all that money to myself because nobody entered.

Go go go go go!

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Working on it. Should definitely have it in before the deadline.

5369217 My excitement is tangible!

I'm starting to edit my second draft. Is there a preferred time for when we should submit - like, get it onto FIMFic by the 31st?

5375419 No preferred time other than before the deadline! Publish at whatever time suits you best; some folks have preferred times for submissions in order to maximise attention from the site, and I wouldn't want to meddle with that.

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