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Another Spooktober This Way Comes · 4:34pm Oct 1st, 2020

And I don't know if I'll have anything ready.

Hope everyone has been doing well with the year as it is. October crept up on me a bit more than I expected. Between some work, trying to get into games I put off playing in the past, and just some general issues, I haven't really been able to work much on stories I wante dto publish. I still have like one horror speedwrite story I want to edit up for the month, and two others that I could probably improve as well. There's also that Moondancer story idea from last year I didn't really touch.

However, I also have to actually get around to reading House of Leaves this year. And I need to work on my actual multi-chapter story. Then just now I realized I never made a blog post about it with the AMAZING artwork I had commissioned:

Hopefully The Mares in the Moon will start coming out before the end of the year, if all things go well. I've wanted to make a Lovecraft-focused fic for a while, and this idea really struck me with inspiration. I hope you'll all enjoy it when it does come out.

Here are the things you can (maybe) look forward to this month:

Blue Sunny Day - A horror fic with Fluttershy.
Mostly Void, Partially Stars - A sort-of horror, but mostly romance, fic with Rarity and Twilight.
Bereft of Love - An aromantic fic about Twilight.

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