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just another brony with random story ideas.

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  • 14 weeks
    What is Summer without a bit of celebration? [NSFW-ish CONTENT AHEAD!]

    Soooo, there is this awesome little thing known as the Summer Sin Celebration (link leads to group page)

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  • 18 weeks
    My Stories

    It's common belief that I have abandoned a select set of stories but I want to point out that this is not true. I had some ideas that required me to put a few things on hold and I am slowly working my way towards them and will be more than happy to release more when things are well and ready. Sadly this may take quite a bit more time and I don't want to spoil things as I have been working on this

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    So about that story(MATURE)

    So the clop story is coming along well but I have one issue I have to decide.

    First Person?


    Third Person?

    Story is Human X Pony and Pony X Pony, etc etc. There will be multiple chapters and an ongoing plot. Will mostly follow the point of view of the main characters

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    Shameless story on the way

    Shameless clop story for the sake of clop but with story elements because ideas refuse to leave my brain alone and the more things I write the more ideas I get and the further my other stories go.


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  • 34 weeks

    Dunno what came over me but I decided to go ahead and post the next update for Discovering Friendship. I had intended to do more with the chapter but ended up just focusing on one thing instead. I'm still happy with how it turned out and it leads into a few things I want to expand on in the story anyway. Especially when it comes to a few specific characters.

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Sadness - But...its an okay Sadness · 11:10am Sep 30th, 2020

I'm in a sad mood. But it isn't my normal sad mood. It isn't the sad mood that causes me to question the world. To view the weight of the sunrise as a struggle to discern why I am awake. It isn't the sadness that causes me to gaze into the distance and picture a world in which I do not exist. It is a sadness that makes me feel...Alive.

It is a sadness that makes me cry tears of joy that the world is such a bright and beautiful place. Tears that make me realize just how blessed I am to live in this world. A world that though tomorrow or the next day will crush my spirit - I will be okay. I will fight. I will cry. I will break down and I will wonder why.

But then I will stand. I will smile. I will be among friends and in the end.

I am happy.

Good Morning everyone.

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It's a special kind of sadness, isn't it?
That kind that just reassures you're still a living breathing human.
It gives you a reason to fight on to see the light that will brighten the darkness.
A sadness that wants to prelude....


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