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  • 8 weeks
    A Really Unexpected Surprise

    Just posting this here to immortalize this very unexpected and surprising turn of events:

    Somehow, A Marked Question, the new canon-compliant Omake I wrote for TPoF managed to reach 200 thumbs ups without acquiring a single thumb down. :rainbowderp:

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  • 14 weeks
    Back in Business

    Sorry for the long delay. RL has been a pain, which in turn forced my writing to be pushed aside these past few weeks. But now I’m happy to say that things are slightly better and that I’m writing again.

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  • 24 weeks
    A Moment of Silence

    My uncle has passed away today due to complications caused by Covid. I would like to ask for a moment of silence in honor of a great family man who has been taken before his time.

    You will be missed.

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  • 27 weeks
    Back in Business

    Very happy to say that I’m back!

    After nearly two weeks without internet on my computer the technicians finally solved the issue and fixed things.

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    Seven Days Withouth Internet and Counting

    So a idiotic storm broke the antena on the roof that I use to get my internet conection. (Using the really limited and crappy net from my cellphone to write this).
    This being the start if the year getting someone to fix it has proven a problem. A techinician "should" have come today, but no duch luck.
    So I'm letting you all know the reason for my 'radio silence'.

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200 Followers! · 2:13pm Sep 29th, 2020

It seems this has been a week for milestones! For we have now passed the 200 followers mark!

Thanks a lot for all of you who decided my work was good enough to follow, knowing you all enjoy my stories brings a smile to my face.:pinkiehappy:

So, after a moment of consideration, I decided to make a little game in order to reward you all for the support!

I will award two free short-story tokens through a lottery system!

If you want to participate just make a comment on this post. Friday, 10/02/2020, I will roll two D100 and go through the list of participants in the order of their comments until I reach the rolled numbers, the hit names will get the tokens.

For the winners: Just give me a general idea of what you want. Characters, overall feel and situation for the story, etc. It could be an Omake to one of my already existing stories or something completely unrelated. Then I will try and make a short-story out of it when I have a spare moment.

Good luck to you all! :scootangel:

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Comments ( 15 )

Yeah! Maybe Link confusing the time traveling main six!

Sounds fun count me in this Lucky Lotto


Oh a game! It's a shame I suck at the lottery, but congrats all the same. <3

Indeed. :derpytongue2::trollestia:
Good luck. :twilightsmile:
Thanks! :pinkiehappy:
Thanks! And maybe you will have better luck this time! :raritywink:

... where did the masks end up?

I'm not currently planing on using the masks in the main story. If they make an appearance it will most likely be through omakes.

You know, I have the distinct impression that most just skimmed the top of the blog-post and failed to see the info about the story lotto at the end… :derpytongue2:

Well lucky for you, I guess!
So we have five participants:


Meaning you have 20% odds to get one of the two stories. So good luck and lets roll those dice generators!

First roll: 27
Winner: Twilight_Shimmer

Second roll: 54
Winner: MosAnted

Congratulations to our winners!
Like I said in the blog-post, just give me a general idea for what you want written and I will do it when I have a free moment.
To the others, thanks for participating and better luck next time!

Awesome! Now before I make any requests, are there any limitations? Like could I request a side story with Midna entering Equestria as a pony, or some other creature, and probably taking place all the while our favorite golden Trio are trying to save the world?

No limitations. Just the understanding that such a scenario would most likely be non-canon as far as the the main story is concerned.
Like I said before, it can be an omake to one of my ongoing stories, or a completely unrelated one-shot. Its up to you.

Oh, but keep in mind that I'm far more used with some types of stories than others. So if you ask me for a 'sad' story for example, or something else I have no experience with, know that I will try but make no promises as far as quality goes.

ah i see, then you may have to tweek my idea a bit then XD Or i can think of something new :)

Either are fine. Oh, and there is no 'time-limit' so feel free to take your time thinking what you want.

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