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Nose Bleed 2 (Anthro) · 4:12pm Sep 27th, 2020

*Umbra, upon seeing the bloody streak under Bezier’s nostril, bursts out laughing*

“...What? Why’s it funny?”

“Ahahaha! Oh man, Bez, what have you seen?”

“What have I seen? What’s that supposed to—?” *Her eyes went wide.* “Oh...”

*Now some of the others were snickering.* “Don’t you even—”

“Yes, yes, I’ve seen anime culture... but what really happened was—”

“So what did you see?”

“And how sexually arousing was it?”

“Nothing! I got kicked in the face... by Oculus.”

“Uhm... why?”

“It’s complicated...”

“You and Pentagon were tickling him weren’t you...?”


*Bez could only watch in an unamused trance as the others started laughing.*

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Too bad Oculus couldn't walk properly enough to see this demise :rainbowlaugh:

Aww, come on guys, it's not funny, she was literally kicked in the face

Well, she kind of deserves it if you think about it.

I mean, if you’ve seen 5365279’s blog, she and Pentagon tickle attack Oculus mercilessly, even when he’s asked them to stop...

Karma’s a bitch, ain’t it?

The biggest one of all

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