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What did I do next? · 4:35pm Sep 26th, 2020

Yo guys, just a real quick update to say I'm not dead.

I did a ton of work on Mission Failed, just like y'all voted for me to do... then I got a little distracted.

Blame Shake.

I am just finishing up a rather large (25-26k) word story for the September Wincest competition (slice of life) that will launch next week.

I also did a bunch of pre-reading on a great fic by my editor, AJ Aficionado, which you should check out if you like thestrals, ears and good ol' raunch clop.

Give it a look!

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Cloppy gave a lot of great advice on it! The tags/fetishes may give some pause but it's not as cringe as you might think! I swear it's not bad at all! :twilightsheepish:

Thanks for the shoutout Cloppy! :twilightsmile::pinkiehappy::twilightsmile::pinkiehappy:

You may actually get that link taken down so here's the imbed.

[Adult story embed hidden]

I am just finishing up a rather large (25-26k) word story

I’m going to need my reading glasses and a glass of chilled dark ale for this!

An update AND new story? Oh Yes Daddy

You're totally to blame there buddy.

To be honest, most of the tags turn me on rather than make me cringe. The thing that puts me off is the length actually. A 46k word clop? I'm not sure it's even healthy to stay turned on for that long :rainbowwild:.

I knew the length of the story was going to kill me in the end...

I'll try to write something shorter next time. This story was written as a means of adapting to third-person limited and confront a problem Dirty Little Secret brought up in regards to one of my older stories of the sex scene being too short and awkward. I felt I should focus on making a story that would address and strengthen my weak points. In the end, I believe I've done so and gained valuable experience. Unfortunately, my chances of featuring are ebbing away by the minute. It's withering on the vine.

Well, I would say dropping off the whole ten chapters at once wouldn't do you good. Long story really deters a lot of people, especially if it's clop. You're better off releasing one chapter everyday if the story is long like this.

Still, don't give up hope. I see it already makes it into the popular box at least. Maybe there's still a chance. I myself am giving it a read now. Probably not the entire thing, but at least the first chapter.


The thing that puts me off is the length actually. A 46k word clop? I'm not sure it's even healthy to stay turned on for that long

>laughing in Liquid Pride

You're famous. You can do whatever you want and people will read it.

I appreciate you giving me a chance! I wanted to do one chapter at a time but I'm just too paranoid about releasing anything incomplete.

I think we've all gone through the pain at summer point of our careers of a long story not rising to the level we had hoped for it.

I know shakes had a couple, I definitely had some too. It sucks.

A lot of my misery is my own fault, tbh. I started off in 2014-15 a rising star with an excellent track record, my first story ever featuring and racking up over 100 likes in 5 days. Then in 2016 I just... blew it. I started writing Movie Night which was wildly successful and saw me get a ton of new followers. I'd basically made myself the number 2 guy in the Gentlemanverse.

Then I just stopped wanting to write human. Completely.

The rest of 2016 all the way through until 2019 was me rotting away, doing almost nothing while the people who used to like me moved on to bigger and better things.

Honestly? 2020 has been a great year for me; a complete reversal of fortunes that started with a determined but lackluster performance in 2019 leading into a contest prize win and a follow up that featured for three whole days. I haven't been this significant -- admittedly I'm still pretty insignificant -- since 2015 and I've been enjoying the attention.

I just need to take the hit and move on. I can still recover and find some measure of the popularity I once had. I know I can do it! I'm just not nearly as bad at writing as my scores seem to indicate these days!

Good to see you alive. Super looking forward to when that mission failed update will be out.

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