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What's Up? · 4:26pm Sep 26th, 2020


What's up? Well, a general question and one that, I suppose, sounds overly casual nowadays, with everything going on.

On my end things are, as well, hectic. With the pandemic holding strong in Poland, one has to be careful, especially in the workplace. I was have stayed for now and I hope it will remain that way, though, with all the stress pile-up, it's hard to focus sometimes on anything else but surviving.

But that's okay, because life goes on. As long as that holds, the rest shall come. Like writing. I have managed some progress, but, you know me... Won't post anything I consider still unfinished. I'm crazy that way, folks.

So, in the meantime, let me also ask you: what's up? I sincerely hope everybody is holding strong. We'll brave it all. We just need to stay calm, stay responsible and we will see the end of it, I'm certain.

So stay safe and tuned,


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Oh don’t worry about writing. The Journey wouldn’t have been so popular if you had posted chapters still unfinished. I bet the the next chapter will be more awesome than the last one!

What's up? The sky is up :derpytongue2: Seriously I’m doing ok, both at home and at work, even if Europe seems to be going through a second wave. Luckily in Italy the number of infected is lower than the peak that we had last March and currently there isn’t any lockdown anymore, but we are still on high alert.

Stay strong you too Gulheru! And if your clients start driving you crazy, remember the club of Legal Basis :raritywink:

Whats up

I've learned there is an large amount of Pokémon porn... And yet not as much as one would think there'd be:rainbowhuh:

Doing OK. The fires from California and Oregon made the air quality here pretty bad for a couple of weeks, but the rains have come and the smoke is gone. It is good to get out and walk, even if I have to dodge the rains.

I've been listening to a lot of non-fiction audio books. Currently, I'm listening to "The Future Is Asian", by Parag Khanna. The author rightly points up many opportunities in Asia, but he tends to down play some of the rivalries and challenges. In any case, it is good to get a different POV on international issues.

I hope we all stay safe and have good luck in all our endeavors!

I sincerely hope everybody is holding strong.

Some days I feel like an extra on Brazil...

That being said, we (my husband and I) are doing rather well all things considered; we are fortunate to have (safe) jobs that are still going strong in the midst of the pandemic and aside from a false-positive test and a nasty bout of food poisoning, have been rather healthy thus far. With all the uncertainty and general smothering miasma of despair and helplessness, we have been focusing on things we have the means and methods to affect out in the middle of rural SIGVille. Helping our elderly neighbours in our flat with their shopping so they do not have to go out under quarantine, helping with meals for neighbour who is a single father with two elementary school aged children after a test came back positive, helping clean up brush and overgrowth that the city council never go around removing from the flat property boundaries, that sort of thing.

As Tuttle said "We're all in it together"

*glances outside*
*glances back*

Graduated in the spring, so I can finally call myself a "scientist". Have been more or less holed up in my home for the past six months but my introverted ass is taking it like a champ. A member of my father's American Legion Post had Covid (he pulled through thankfully) so that's as close as I've gotten to the virus. Been keeping up with my DnD friends through Video Conferencing so our sessions haven't ended at the very least.

I guess in the words of the Messiah...

Life does indeed go on, and good to hear that you are still kicking.

As for me I've been stuck indoors for the last going on 14 months due to getting my legs run over by a semi trailer(don't worry, I got lucky and came away with just three fractures and a limp), and stuck in a lawsuit for that. Though money is gonna be tight for awhile as a result.

Finally got the first chapter of my fanfic finished to mostly my satisfaction,which as a perfectionist will never be 100%, but close enough. And I have to to thank for inspiring me to want to write it. Once I get the next two chapters written I play on posting chapter 1 so will be curious to see how its received.

Otherwise just trying to get the desire to write each day, and to paint my 40k stuff. Otherwise I just play WoW all day heh.

Well wishes to things continuing to improve for you!


Oh, I definitely would feel better being able to bonk somebody up the head, but I'm managing. Glad to hear you're managing as well and thank you for the words of support.


Uhm... Right.


Oh, yeah, I've been following the news about that myself. It's not like we had enough on our plate already, right? But, yeah, let's stay strong, let's help one another and be responsible. It all can be bested.


Indeed, we are. Noble actions go a long way and shall not be forgotten. I'm very happy to hear that you have the strength and diligence to participate like such.


Congratulations on the graduation! It is of the "bright side of life", indeed. And life might be jolly rotten right now, but that's temporary, we need to rememeber.


Holy...! I'm glad you got out of it as you did, though, of course, I'm so sorry to hear about those injuries! Though I'm glad you keep fighting. For only those that do so can win in the end.

Sexy anthro crabby exists. Join me in my distress and state of why

Despite the supposed pandemic, people are buying ACs and ovens with no restraint. I know this because I work in a factory that makes the racks and fan grills and we have worked 6 or 7 days a week since July, often with the option for 12 hour shifts. I am tired, but the money I've saved up is nice.

Not much else is happening here. Good to see you still kicking.


I adore knowledge, but sometimes one asks whether things are worth knowing…


Quite the workload. Though, I'm not totally surprised, more people were inside and "inside" needs to be made pleasant. Also glad to hear you are still about and managing. :twilightsmile:

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