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If I could make a video game perk, it would be Suicidal Tendencies

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    When I was a kid

    I was obsessed with dinosaurs. Mainly because I watched tons of Jurassic Park and Dino Dan.

    Hell, when I first got into army men, one of the first things I did was put them with the dinosaurs and this How to Train Your Dragon toy that I pretended was a T-Rex

    I believe it was this:

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  • Today
    Run like a Man

    Hero watched as Valor ran around the couch with a pair of scissors. Valor giggled, increasing speed until…

    “You run like a girl.”

    Valor stopped and looked at his dad, a tear falling down his face. He then stabbed himself in the neck with said scissors.


    Valor laid in the casket, wearing a princess dress.

    Hero stared at him. “Run like a man, you get a suit.”

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  • Friday
    I’ve reinstalled Black Ops 3


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  • Friday
    Aaaaand, the Epilogue’s up!

    Plot twist muthafuckas

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  • Friday
    Last chapters out!

    Go read it! Please.

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Blackmailed! (Ocellus Version. Wait, what?) · 4:50pm Sep 23rd, 2020

*Trots into Ocellus’ room* “Okay... as unlikely as it is, she’s gotta have something here...” *Checks drawer and finds hoofcuffs* “Okay... promising sign.” *checks second drawer and finds a magazine* “How to lose your virginity in a few easy steps... I swear, if I find a strapon or something, I’m gonna flip...”

*He continues checking, yet finds nothing*

“...Unless Smolder has the... oh gosh, that’s a bad mental image! Unsee! Unsee!”

*Walks in* “Gah! Hero!”

*Gives her her stuff* “Keep it. I’ll just use Thorax and Pharynx...” *walks out*


Report MlpHero · 53 views · Story: A Hero’s Origins · #Hero #Ocellus
Comments ( 23 )

Were the handcuffs pink and fuzzy?


Did... did he just-?

“I don’t even wanna know...”


He just left her be.


What? Should he have tried to blackmail her?

Yes. Yes, yes, yes.

Heheh, I can tell you’re very much pleased by this.

What? No, what gave you that idea?

Yeah...though do I want to know what he saw that made him give up?

Of course I am. This is yessier than when yes yessed the yes out of yes. I mean, uh, yes.

I think the prospect of Smolder messing with a rubber dick kinda pushed him a bit over the line.

Well, good thing he didn’t.

Well, good thing he didn't try blackmailing her...

Yeah, good point

Coward. You break into her room and find her happy fun time handcuffs and can't even tell me if they were pink and/or fuzzy.

“Whatever you say, mate...”

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