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  • Sunday
    Chapter 15 is now live!

    Stallion of Tomorrow's 15th chapter has been finished and is now up for reading!

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    "The Batman" (2022) Thoughts

    So, thoughts on The Batman...

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    "Black Adam" Movie Review

    So I finally got around to watching *Black Adam*. And having finally seen it in full, I can now safely say that Dwane Johnson's superhero self-insert, the second DCEU movie to revolve around a magic rock is...

    ...okay. Not awful, but...just okay.

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    Still not dead!

    Still alive, still writing, I'd say I'm about...maybe wrapping up the last quarter or so of this chapter by now, by a rough guesstimate. Pretty confident at the very least that it'll be out well before the end of this month, hopefully. There goes my New Year's Resolution to work on being able to write more...

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    Just got out of Blue Beetle.

    It’s…actually pretty fun! Doesn’t really re-invent the wheel or anything, the superhero side of the story is fairly standard-ish, but its real strength is in the dynamic between Jaime and the rest of the Reyes family. Only quibbles with story are minor “could’ve expanded a bit more on this” type stuff, but overall it’s a pretty solid 7/10. Nice to have a DC movie that *doesn’t* suck for a change.

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Solving Daybreaker · 1:42pm Sep 22nd, 2020

Ah, Daybreaker. Remember her? Celestia's supposed Nightmare Moon, smokin' hot in more ways than one, blew all of our minds for better or for worse when she cropped up during "A Royal Problem"?

Well, anyway, when she first debuted, I remember seeing a lot of debates–and maybe they're still going, I dunno–over whether she was a real possibility that Celestia could turn into (but won't because she's better than that), or just a part of Starlight's nightmare during that episode.

My answer? She's both.

I think Celestia's always faced that temptation of just cutting loose and doing whatever the flip she wants. But the appearance and Daybreaker moniker I think were part of Starlight's imagination. So perhaps Daybreaker as we know her wouldn't really exist, but the general concept might. But won't, because again, Celestia's too good to ultimately let herself go like that.

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Good theory.

I support this theory.

I can get behind this.

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