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  • 6 days
    Lulu is doing their Black Friday sale.

    Hey everyone just wanted to let you know that Lulu is doing a 30% off sale for Black Friday.

    Code is BFCM30.

    my ulterior motive is:

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  • 1 week
    Got a New Original Fic!

    Me, Them, and the Vastness of Space

    When Sekai Rodriguez's shuttle breaks down in transit to Titan, she assumes that her life is over. However, help arrives in the strangest of places as a hidden AI emerges to save her life!

    Or, more likely, keep her company as the oxygen slowly runs out.

    At least she won't be alone for her final days.

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  • 1 week
    So about that cosplay...

    So i was actually kind of happy with how this Rarity cosplay worked out. Best accidental hair dye ever.

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  • 2 weeks
    Need some Rarity dialog.

    i'm thinking about doing a Rarity cosplay set for OnlyFans and i need help thinking of some Rarity dialog to use so i'm not just going "Darling, Darling, Darlingggggggg..."

    Anyone have ideas for Rarity dialog?

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  • 3 weeks
    Good News Everypony

    Man who leads election with 4 million votes, can finally claim a narrow victory!

    "But what about the fraud!" i hear you say as you attempt to cope.


    Well now i must go but i will leave you with a picture.

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In a bit of a tough spot · 8:37pm September 20th

But who isn't right?

So here is the situation. my lease was up for renewal on the 30th and on the 18th my roommate informed me that she would not be re-signing the lease (not her fault, another unit had roaches and it justifiably made her uneasy about continuing to live here). So i am now scrambling to figure out how to rehouse myself (since i can't afford a two bedroom on my own and i'm a horse loser who has very few IRL social connections). Now the less shit news is that i will at least be housed here until October 31st which gives me ample time to find new living arrangements.

Still, i hate to do this, but i could really use a little help with affording the upcoming safety deposit and also buying household supplies (ex: most of the kitchen stuff was my roommate's).




Here are a few places to help me out if you are so inclined. No guilt if you can't or don't wish to. i completely understand that i am asking for this at the worst possible time.

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Comments ( 7 )

SIGNAL BOOOOOST. Can't spare anything myself at the moment but I am pushing this forward!

Thanks for the boost, much appreciated.

Pretty low on funds myself at the moment, but I can boost the signal, at least; good luck!

(If you happen to be looking for a place on Long Island, I might know someone good who'd rent you a room, but I'm guessing you're not and as far as I know he's never heard of you; I still can't actually promise an offer or a particular price. I thought I'd mention it just in case, though, and if that actually is the area you want and you're interested in the possibility, you can PM me and see if something can be worked out.)

Unfortunately i live in Central Canada but thank you.

Ah, yep, I have no connections at all I know of in that area. But you're welcome, and I do hope you find a good place. :)

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