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Who remembers Abzan the Changeling? · 5:43am September 20th

Seriously who remembers this super old story I have taken down? If you remember it, then AWESOME!!! If not, well all I have to say is that.....

It was seriously a thing back in the early days of Mlp.... Really kinda crappy, my writing sucked a lot, I spelled a lot of words wrong, got commas in the wrong places. Also back in the day, I was mostly into Dragon Ball Z Kai and the movies that were out at the time and I used....(Sigh) Power levels xD

I legitimately used power levels for my story and now that I've looked back on it, I cringe every time I read those chapters. However a part of me wants to make a new story dedicated to him, since other then Flare Blitz, Nova, and Watcher, he was one of my original characters that at the time I had a lot of fun writing.

Abzan will be returning in a new story, but there won't be power levels or bad writing this time. It'll be an emotional story and lots of cool scenes. Look forward to it guys :)

And on October 30 A New Destiny will be taken down for the rewrite and by the end of January, it'll be back up new and improved! And from that point on I'll be working on three stories only and no more.

My Gems Series which is getting a decent head start on future chapters

Abzan who is now getting a soft Reboot

And finally A New Destiny getting a rewrite overhaul and completion.

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