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Pharynx is best changeling. CHANGE MY MIND.

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  • Saturday

    Bass ignored the unpleasant texture of the grass beneath him as he hung his head. How long had he been like this? He didn’t know, and honestly, he didn’t really care.

    He shut his eyes tightly. For a moment, he could almost see himself, marching alone, his only company being the five other lifeless changelings stacked on top of him; Conductor, Melodic, Harmonic, Strings, and Wind…

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  • Saturday

    Apologies if I didn’t get some of Alucard’s color right.

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  • Friday
    Looks like we have another one.

    Another fanfic reading by Melody Song!

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  • Friday
    Imgbb is working for me again. Hooray!

    So here’s the image from yesterday in a much, much higher quality:

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  • Friday
    The Right Tire

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I have another fanfic reading! · 1:51pm Sep 19th, 2020

By Lonely Fanboy48. Check it out!

Comments ( 10 )

Ooh, that's really cool Bez!

Damn. Great job!


And a huge thanks to the guy who made this!

Congrats, my friend :)

You deserve it.

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