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I'm a brony and a Pinkie Pie fan but I like all of the mane six, as well as Spike. I hope to provide some entertaining and interesting fanfics for the Brony community.

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IDW Comics Revisited - Main Series #3 · 2:51am September 19th

So this first arc doesn't seem to be holding up the greatest upon retrospect, and even the people who saw this comic and reviewed it when it first came out didn't have much to say on it aside from it showing how dark the comics were. So, has this issue also started to crack with a second look at it, or has it managed to actually do better and lift the arc up? Well, let's find out.

We begin with a sort of old timey narration from Spike (not in-universe) recapping what's happened up to this point. The story really begins in the aftermath of the invasion of Canterlot in "A Canterlot Wedding". Chrysalis and her army are flung far from Equestria, into a land of lovey dovey creatures. Though too weak to launch an assault again, they take advantage of the land they're in to feed and take over. Chrysalis no longer desires to defeat Princess Celestia, having instead set her sights on Twilight Sparkle for seeing through her ruse at the wedding. This was somehow being conveyed in-universe as the CMC comment on this. Chrysalis then instructs her changelings to spy on the others while she watches Twilight and Fluttershy.

Twilight is still very bad tempered and in a sour mood after the events of the previous issue, but Fluttershy is already telling her off and saying that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few (not the best argument to make in this situation). It really emphasizes how contrived the argument was when this is all it takes to get Twilight to realize she was wrong and shouldn't have let the rest of her friends split up without a map. She then decides that she and Fluttershy should keep going since all paths in the valley they're in now will eventually cross each other, and as long as nopony went home all six should meet up again.

Applejack and Rarity don't seem to really be thinking about the argument at all, and Rainbow Dash starts to smell a set-up because she thinks her friends would never say anything bad about her (despite "The Mysterious Mare-Do-Well" proving that they will go beyond just talking about how bad she if if they don't like it), and Pinkie Pie comes up with a way to prevent the changelings from confusing them again: Huge, stuffed costumes of herself and all her friends. They look really uncanny, almost like the designs for "Pony Life" even though that was obviously not even a thought at the time (Teen Titans Go! hadn't quite built up its infamous reputation just yet, let alone cast a shadow over other reboots that would come to define the 2010's). Chrysalis delights in the misery but finds the randomness of Pinkie to be annoying. She then exposits that her plan is to lure Twilight and her friends to the kingdom just as the secretariat comet passes overhead. She intends to drain Twilight of her magic and then have the distraught emotions from her friends serve as a food source for the hive. When the CMC tell her that won't happen, she tells them they're a little old to be believing in fairy tales, and kills a cat (albeit off-screen). This doesn't get acknowledged in-universe, so it seems like it was done purely for shock value and can kind come across as


Twilight and Fluttershy fall into a pit and get out, only to be attacked by a wild cat. Applejack and Rarity encounter some vicious plants that want to eat them (after Rarity wanted to make them into a hat) that sends them rolling on a log and down a waterfall before they can use the flowers to float, and Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie get attacked by vicious bunnies and are forced to run. Everyone meets up again and tumbles down a small cliff. Fluttershy then explains that the wild cat and the bunnies will fight each other for the right to eat the ponies, and in what became a meme she proclaims with a straight face "Nature is so fascinating." Anyway, with the group back together again, Twilight and everyone else apologizes (Rainbow reluctantly at first) and Pinkie has them stop and take a break to eat an "I'm Sorry" cake. Then we end with more of that old timey narration from Spike as the mane six are staring down at their destination.

And that's the story, so what do I think of the issue? Well the biggest draw is of course those dark moments which don't get acknowledged in-universe, not even by the CMC you'd expect to be traumatized by the event (they do let out a supposed scream when Chrysalis kills the cat but that's it). It's not that there isn't a story or that what story there is isn't good, but it's mostly just filler to get everyone back to where they were at the start of the previous issue, proving that the whole argument was just there to waste space and drag out the story. Chrysalis' plan does seem to be quite clever, though I have to wonder if kidnapping the CMC was the only surefire way to draw Twilight out. This issue is pretty much the same for me as when I reviewed it a long time ago, it's just filler. But I guess being as good (or bad) as it was before is better than not looking as good as it previously did as the case is for the issues preceeding it. You can pick this one up if you want, and you'll probably have to spend a bit more if you're looking for some exclusive covers that were made for it, but you still shouldn't go above $20 at most.

And there you have it, come back tomorrow when we'll see how the first big arc of the comics concludes with Main Series #4.

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Comments ( 7 )

You know, I think I know the reason people don't seem to care about this.
1.- They do not care. I'm not that kind of person, of course.
2.- Many of us are waiting for the "Reflections" and "Siege of the Crystal Empire" arcs, which are masterpieces.

5358501 I'm not going to cover "Siege of the Crystal Empire". I don't own the comics and have no desire to do so. Others have rightfully ripped it a new one.

“Reflections” was definitely one of the most fun of the comic arcs. “Siege of the Crystal Empire”, though...not so much. That one was terrible.

5358819 Indeed, and I am so glad "Siege" is no longer canon.

Remind me what was siege of the crystal empire again?

5361115 A series of four comics in the main series (#34-37) centered around Radiant Hope from Sombra's Fiendship is Magic issue resurrecting him and basically endangering all of Equestria just to see her old friend again.

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