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    New Story Poll: What anime would the Equestria girls like?

    I am plotting out a new series of stories, the basic premise is going to be each of the Equestria girls enjoying a different anime or being in an anime like scenario. So I want to get feedback from all of you on which anime you think that would fit the girls the best. I have a couple of draft ideas like the following

    Sunset & Pinkie watch Uzaki-chan wants to hang out

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  • 13 weeks
    Halloween Story ideas

    I wanna try and get back into the swing of things and after a scare of my laptop being broken this morning, I figured a Halloween themed story would be a good idea. So I have a few ideas in mind, you all just need to vote and tell me which you wanna see the most. It'll be a one shot story so don't expect too much

    Humane 7 go trick or treating with the CMC

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  • 17 weeks
    G5...Pass. No thanks.

    Gonna be completely honest and probably gonna get my asshole torn in half for this but fuck it here goes.

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  • 20 weeks
    Getting back into it and current situation

    I wanna take some time on my days off to try and get some writing done but as usual could use some help. Pics of my favorite ship(s) and favorite characters tend to help the writing process along so if you have anything to share? Share it. Maybe I will have a spark of inspiration at some point during the day. I would like to hope so as I really wanna get back into writing stories for you all.

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  • 24 weeks
    Update: Redux of old story incoming

    I have been for lack of a better word, out of practice. My desire and love for writing having dwindled a bit because of stress and work being all consuming which doesn't help the whole stress thing. However I want you all to know I am still here and after finding the file? I am going to be revamping an old story that frankly I was heartbroken to have to take down because of stupid music

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Commissions Are Open · 2:19am Sep 18th, 2020

Prices and rules are as follows:

1.) No foalcon, pedophilia, under-age characters, scat, urine or gross fetishes. Don't bother asking.

2.) idea must be EG related and based in canon, won't do anyones OC or Anon stories

3.) I don't do 2nd Person


Short Story(3000 words)= $5

One-shot(2 or more chapters)= $10

Full Story(3 or more chapters)= $20* every chapter after the 3rd will be an additional $10

So for example if you one a single story with 3 chapters that'll be $20 depending on the length.

If you want me to fully edit the story and make sure its free of as many errors as possible that'll be just a flat rate of $2 per chapter I need to edit.

DM me with a story idea and I will get to it as soon as possible. If you pay in advance I will give you updates on the story and how far along i am in writing. Keep in mind i do work a retail job and so I will try and spend what time I can writing and I will try and get the story done as quickly as possible.

You can also add me on Discord if you have it.

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